Once upon a time there was a person just like you who had some questions about next steps – choices they had – maybe too many – and they were either confused or unsure how to decide what they should or could choose.
And ladies and gentlemen, there is such a terrifically happy ending to this confusion.
Use your resources.
Who are they: 

  • Former boss
  • Best friend
  • Teacher, Professor
  • Family member you admire
  • Church person you see as a leader
  • Association member that inspires you
  • Blogger
  • FB participant with great ideas 

If you don’t have a coach (you ought to have me as your coach  ), then the resources that you admire are your best source of information.  They will take such good care of you when you approach them for their time and opinions.
Take advantage of their knowledge and experience with you.  Design your questions based on what you currently don’t know or are confused about for next steps. You might want to ask: 

  • I have these new skills that I love yet they don’t exactly fit what I am doing for work…do you have an opinion of how I could incorporate them into my work?
  • I am not sure that where I am working fits me any longer…may I speak to you about that?
  • Work needs my expertise, but I am not sure how to show them I have it or how to go about talking with them about it…may I ask your opinion?
  • I love my company and want to continue to grow here, but I don’t see me here in the future…may I discuss this with you?
  • I am confused and I know you will be honest with me…what do you think are my best skills and talents? 

People who know you will easily give their comments and feedback when you design your questions in a way that is clear.  Think through what it is you want to really know and then ask them. 
There are lots of ways to contact people – handwritten notes; the telephone; having coffee near them; noticeable email; introduction from another person you both know…use your creativity.
“Natalie, what is the point of using this kind of method for talking about my confusion?”
When we are confused, we are not clear.
What we need is clarity when we are unsure especially if it is affecting our confidence about ourselves. 
People who know us, provided with the questions we want answers to, will blow us away with rich information about us that we did not have during our confusion, and considering what our next might be.
My very rich experience in using this method of talking to someone special in my life and asking him what he thought, changed my entire outlook in my career.  It gave me the courage to do what I am doing now by pointing out facts and information about me that I did not realize were valuable or important.  I thought those were just me and I assumed everyone had the same feelings, talents and strengths.  Nope, I found out that they were unique, needed and concrete talents of mine. What a delight to find this out!!!. 
Once you design your questions and have your conversations– or if you need help – contact me and we will do a leadership, communication and behavioral performance assessment.  Then you will be rocking and rolling with your confident knowledge of your talents and strengths.  No more confusion.  No more undermining your confidence.  Just clarity about how really talented, strong, smart, and valued you are.

To your success,

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