The CEO, the VP, the executive just promoted, the new senior member of marketing, the new manager, the small business owner, – all talented, smart, committed and confused.
That is what too many choices can do to our thinking and decisions.
In coaching, too many choices stops you from being able to clearly decide what is most strategic and effective outcome that benefits the majority…or in some cases, just you.
I advocate and coach for a list of Pros and Cons.  Yes it is a age old method of listing the best and the not-so-best choices, but the fact that it is “age old” means it works.
Currently I have 6 clients working on Pros and Cons lists for themselves and their teams. 
And it can be damn hard cause you need to decide which side of the column the information needs to go on.  

  • Move, not move.
  • Take the promotion or not.
  • Hire the new team member or not.
  • Go back for your MBA or not.
  • Buy the building or lease. 

It does not matter the choice so much as it matters your thoughts that go into choosing the outcome.
Strategy is a great way of laying out the next steps, but do you even want those next steps?  What is the critical thinking method you should use to decide?
Hence, the Pro and Con list.
It is not a “to do” list.  It is a list that details all the potential choices.  It also requires a bit of time to do…which everyone says that don’t have any of…oh yes you do.
Brew yourself a nice hot cup of something.  Find a pen and tablet of paper and start writing.
Once you get your list, prioritize the top 5 in each column of the Pro and Con list.
I guarantee things will be more clear, decisions will be more obvious and you will feel better about the process of getting to the choices that are most important to you.
To your success,

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