As my daughter says “don’t get your panties in a twist” when something does not go your way.
That is damn hard to listen to, accept and move on when the answer you get is not what you are expecting nor what you really want to hear.
It just happened to me.  So I reacted with lots of cuss words…now here is my response.  Thank you all my clients who have followed my coaching and guidance and produced immediate and dramatic results.  Cause otherwise it would be just easier to be in a snit.  Mad.  Annoyed.  Righteous.  And angry.
Here is what I am coaching myself on – I wanted to share these cause self-coaching for me is sometimes just a pain in the ole backside: 

  • Deal with your reaction. Feel it through and through. Don’t try to solve anything until you are done feeling what is really bothering you
  • It is ok for someone to say no to you…the information I got was reasoned, articulate, timely and still no
  • Listening to your gut…it is usually right on
  • Do something to bring you back into alignment with the freedom to think clearly rather than make that “other” wrong
  • Make a list of your next steps (no slashing tires) that will get you to the place where you can create a yes
  • Understand that the list, you, and the next steps represent YOUR FREEDOM to choose what is most important to you 

My next steps list: 

  • Breathe
  • Move around, wall pushups, loud words
  • Put “Uptown Funk” on 90 minute repeat at bleed level sound and dance to it
  • Make my list of all the things that are good good good right here and right now
  • Take myself out for a steak and a movie tonight with a large popcorn
  • Recognize that maybe the answer I got is the best answer right now…got to hate that at least a little

Ok, I feel better.
I hope you do too.  No is not the end.  It makes us so amazingly creative in the process of creating that magical YES.
To your success,



P.S.  I just opened up 3 days of free coaching sessions – I rarely do that, but I figure if I am getting over a snit maybe you are too. I can help. Take advantage of these free coaching calls.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Challenge yourself to get out of your own way and figure “it” out. Click here to schedule.

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