At the end of winter, the plants begin to emerge from their slumber under the soil. When I lived in New England for all those years, I had a longing to see something, anything grow so winter would not seem so long. Now that I live a bit south of Nashville in TN, I get to experience the emerging from the ground oh so much sooner. I get to watch these tough little plants that begin their journey into this next season of growth, even in February.
How about you?
Are you emerging from your “winter” where you experienced stress and anxious feelings? 
With the media and the world energy, it can feel like winter each day no matter what time of year. 
Does it feel like emerging into unknown spaces?  A loss of not knowing the next steps?
Every place we as busy people want to go is mapped out in millions of references on our favorite search engines.  We have more information on “next steps” than you could ever read. Like: 

  • Health
  • Leadership
  • Success
  • Balance
  • Time management
  • Performance
  • Reducing stress
  • Negotiation
  • Communication

Brilliant people, masterful people have written all that we need in order to succeed – to emerge fully into our lives with ease and grace.  MILLIONS of books, articles, blogs…
So what is keeping you from your comfortable, confident success actions? 

  • Life
  • Media
  • Family
  • Stress
  • Boss
  • World events
  • Your device
  • ???????

From experience, reluctance to take action is mostly based on not knowing how to break the habits we struggle with – our story of why the next steps cannot be taken: 

Not enough time
Not enough energy
Not enough money
They don’t appreciate me
What is the point, it won’t work
No gets promoted here anyway

We ALL have patterns and behaviors that keep us stuck.
What we continually think about 24/7 that keeps us stuck in our patterns and habits. 
Most of the time our stories are not true.  They are a continuation of habitual thinking that embed those sticky nonproductive habits.  We perceive the world through these thoughts and that is what creates the mess. 
If you stop the obsessive looping of your stories, your behavior (and ease in emerging into the next results producing steps) will change also.
Instead of trying to control your negative thoughts, bring new thoughts into crowd out the negative.
What works to begin to shift the negative thoughts to the new more positive and less stressful behavior? 

  • Affirmations
  • Mediation
  • Movement – getting up from the screen to move around
  • Your favorite music
  • Positive friends
  • Quiet times – do you remember those?
  • AND breathing – often and deeply

The pictures in my blog today are pictures from my garden of emerging plants.  They know how to grow – it is inside of them.  And it is with you also.
You know what you need:  rest, good food, hydration, time away from your device, some good laughter and some delightful breathing deeply time.
Let me know if I can support you to move from obsessive negative nonproductive, non-health producing behavior to breathing in a good life.
Just this last week I had one CEO, a Sr VP and a Finance VP cross over from their rigid, embedded behaviors to seeing and practicing the value of who they are…and they feel good and powerful  –  fully confident even in these traumatic times.
Your turn…
To your success,


P.S. Here is the NMA breathing video my Youtube channel.  Enjoy and breathe deeply. 

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