No sleep. Deadline missed. Kids are sick. Mortgage payment due. Colleagues are annoying. Craving carbs and not salads.

Yup, lots of reasons to be grumpy.

So is it really the boss who is grumpy or you?

It is tough to get happy when circumstances are just plain a mess. But if you can’t get you back on track, who can? And who’s responsibility is it to be in your head, read your mind and know what you need?

Circumstances are just that. They are momentary and then shift with the next moment.

I listened to a presentation the other day and was struck with the comment:

“I stay clear, effective and happy by knowing that this moment turns into the next.
And the next moment is always my choice and decision.”

Slap my forehead.

My choice how I am???

Sometimes we just need to be reminded…again and again and again and again. Yes, like that.

These past weeks with the global issues tossing negativity towards us, the chance of our bosses (and ourselves) becoming grumpy is very high.

That negative energy just seems to be sitting around waiting for a vulnerable moment from us and wham, we are just nasty grumpy stinky immediately.

There are several solutions to this:

  • Disconnect from all humans contact and hide
  • Disconnect from all media contact and hide
  • Turn off your phones
  • Uninstall Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc
  • Do not use Pandora cause they sneak commercials in there and those might be negative
  • Make your children stay in their rooms
  • Unsubscribe from all apps, emails, no texting and for heaven sakes, shut off the telephone especially any still usable land lines
  • No eating out cause there will be people there

Ok, now you have some protection from negative news and people.

Or you can make the choice about what you will surround yourself with and the moments and energy you want to create for yourself.

Yes, it takes a bit of thought and effort to get the balance correct. The balance that encourages you to be happy, positive, a contributor, a respectful participant, a parent with patience and a subordinate that does not blame the boss or anyone else for your negative circumstances.

If you have a grumpy boss, have a conversation. But don’t continue to have a grumpy boss just to have someone to blame for your inability to make super important choices for you that create safety, love and some belly laughs.

It is all a choice. Sometimes that is hard. But it is your choice how you are 24/7. Respond with kindness to you and then take the steps to support you. When you are full to the brim with good stuff, the rest of the world looks and sounds good.

If you need help, give me a shout. Coaching supports what is most important to you. Let me help you find that, choose that and then keep it.

To Our Success,

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