There are 10 days until the new year. That means that Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa holidays are happening during these 10 days, you will be buying gifts and food for entertaining and trying to schedule kids, family, work and wrapping time. Then New Year’s eve will descend. 
It all feels like a great big race. Maybe even the Olympics of Stress
And don’t you have this recurring thought “next year I will start sooner and get this all done without all the stress”. Sounds like what you said last year at this time.
Don’t you hate all the people who are done with their shopping, wrapping and planning? They just are so annoying. 
The stress and expectations of these holiday times just feels like a big huge sweaty unwinnable race. 
First you get ready to run; then you have to pick up speed going around those final turns; pass the others so you look good and can finish in the top three; hit the end of the race January 2nd and bend over with exhaustion and feeling weak. That is the race.
What happened to the joyful journey of enjoying the anticipation of the holidays? Good riends? Good food? Family visits? Thoughtful presents? Sitting and taking in the moments and building memories?
You can easily and immediately begin to solve right now the stress issues of expectations of the holidays. 
Put down your phone and list. Lean against the nearest wall and take a deep breath. Remember what the holidays are about and then choose to take 3 things off your to do list. Just scratch them off. Instead find a quiet spot and decide what it is you want for the next 10 days. Then do that.
Do you have some gifts to get?  Sure.
How about if you write a note in a card and tell the person they will be receiving their gift in January cause you did not want it to get lost in the bustle of the craziness. 
The little ones can have popcorn, tickle fights and long walks with you.
What if you just decided right now to do this whole thing differently, with joy and love and actually being present to the moments that you long for?
I give you permission. 
Some suggestions: 

  • Give gifts of your time for 2017
  • Hug longer and harder
  • Look into their eyes and tell them something really nice
  • Sit with a puppy on your lap
  • Nap
  • Hydrate – bring water to sip everywhere with  you
  • Lara bars are just the best easy food to take with you; so many flavors, gluten free; low sugar; huge protein and THEY TASTE GOOD

Mostly I wish you time with you. 2016 is just about history and 2017 has so much promise. You are a remarkable human. It is time for you to take that in and believe it. 
We celebrate Christmas so, Merry Christmas. 
Blessings on us all,,


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