reloj-colorido_23-2147512850We are trained that time management is the key to each day’s success. However, I am here to tell you that you cannot manage time, only activities. What is possible is the fact that you can manage yourself to have more time. Time is measured in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Because of this, you can create a schedule for your life that will allow you to manage yourself to be more efficient to do what is necessary for a successful life. The fact is we are all only given 24 hours in a day. Technically, you cannot manage time because time does not change. All you can truly do is manage yourself and the choices you make with the time that you do have. Successful and goal oriented people can change their use of time to their advantage.  

Tips on managing yourself and your activities to take advantage of the time you do have:

  • Determine where you might be wasting time. Once you evaluate how much time you take on each area of your life, whether it is on house cleaning or projects for your job, you will be able to determine where your time is being spent. Determine the time spent on each step and you will be able to develop a plan and schedule to perform each task or activity more productively. Sometimes you need to take some time to evaluate your methodology. This could save you a significant amount of time by creating new, more productive methods.
  • Make changes to deal with time wasters. Once you determine where you are wasting time, set up goals to help recognize where you can eliminate that time waster or change the method in which you handle situations. For example, if your office is at home, try putting on the voicemail during your work hours. Interruptions from phone calls, texting and emails are very detrimental to your productivity, which will affect your success. Although phone calls are important, it is equally important to focus on the tasks at hand for success in accomplishing your goals.
  • Change your behaviors to achieve your goals. Now that you have recognized your time wasters, and made the necessary changes to eliminate or lessen the time spent on them, it is time to set some goals that will help you see how these time wasters really did affect your progress. For example, you could increase your productivity or decrease your stress. Track your progress to be sure you are actually achieving your goals.
  • Use tools to help keep track of your time. You could use your device with its daily task planner or even a manual daily planner. This will help you keep up on your appointments and keep track of your time spent on specific tasks or projects.
  • Use your daily planner to help you prioritize what truly needs to be done at what specific time.
  • Create a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. Although distractions or emergencies can happen, your overall productivity rate will increase, if you can maintain a specific routine the majority of the time. If possible, plan extra time for unexpected situations.
  • Set time limits for tasks or projects. Determine how long it should take specific tasks, and try to accomplish these tasks in that set time. Answering emails, texts and phone calls could take all day. If you spend all of your time throughout the day answering emails, you will not have any time for other tasks or projects.
  • Delegate whenever you can. It is sometimes hard to give up some projects or activities. However, if you can give that smaller project to someone else, then you could concentrate on increasing your company’s profit or services. Determine where others can help, and let them, so that you can use your expertise in other areas.

Take control of your time and activities.  It is precious.  And, to become successful in your goals, whether personal or professional, you must recognize the fact that time does not change.  You must make the changes in your perspective, attitude and methods. Time management is really about managing yourself, your activities, your skills and your attributes to lead a more accomplished life.

To Your Success,


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