thanksgivingWhat what what?  I demand to know where the year went and how it can be Thanksgiving already.
I just heard the report today that 48,000.000 million people will be driving 50 or more miles to attend and be part of the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. 
And you have not gotten over last year when Uncle Charles did that thing that you still cannot believe that he did.
And Aunt Martha is going to make her lumpy gravy cause no one has the courage to ask her not to make that awful stuff.
So when will you have time to figure out the menu; get the food; wash the lost tablecloth and dig out the “good” dishes??
Want some help?
Just in time……
My 17th Annual NO Stress Holiday Tips just for you.  
My dear friends, colleagues, clients, audience members and everyone else, I have been writing this list for all these years because I have experienced all of this and more.  Besides, I wanted to share with you that it is possible to have wonderful holidays, stress free holidays, this holiday season.
We cover all the holidays with stress reducing tips all the way through to New Year’s Eve.  How about tips about: 

  • Presents
  • Family
  • Food and cooking
  • Kids
  • First holidays with divorce
  • Technology
  • Money
  • Nutrition
  • Holiday cards
  • Stupid relatives
  • Wonderful relatives
  • Stress relief
  • Dozens and dozens of tips

This annual list of No Stress Holiday Tips is my gift to you because I care and because I truly know you can have wonderful, stress free holidays.
Not only that…you deserve to have stress free holidays 
2016 No Stress Holiday Tips
Happy Holidays the NO Stress Way…
To our best holidays yet,


P.S.  Let me know how the list worked for you? Send it to all your friends and family. They deserve a NO Stress Holiday too!! Get it here.

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