Our listening test is at the end of this blog for you, your team, your organization (everyone you know) to take so you can see how well (or not) you are listening. It is free and my gift to you and yours.  Why??
Because so many of us have a tendency to poor to non listening. 
Here is a good definition of listening: 
“to listen: to make a conscious effort to hear” …Webster
Effective Listening is hearing the information or person; comprehending the information given; and taking action, asking questions, or responding to what we heard. Effective listening is also a way of listening with: attention, respect and the whole body so the other(s) know you are present to what is being said or communicated.

So many of us have stopped listening that we forget how good it is to listen. 

Here are some outcomes from listening that are dramatic and dynamic success producing results:

  • Respect and trust – when you listen you are able to effectively execute what needs to be done
  • Increased profits and successful results – ineffective listening and communication causes errors in engineering, sales, marketing, distribution as well as disruption with interpersonal relationships.
  • Professional reputation for being an effective leader
  • Positive feedback for doing a great job

These results are just from better listening.
Ever had someone say to you “you are not listening to me”? Well at least they said something. Lots of time people just give up and develop a judgment about your abilities. If you can’t or don’t listen, what else is not good with you? Trust me people do think that and will treat you that way.
When you listen, people actually “feel” differently about what is being said. Here is what is possible from just listening: 

  • A sense that you care about what is being said
  • Better service and conversations
  • Confidence in you and your work
  • Appreciation of your efforts
  • An excellent product or service
  • Trust and respect in dealing with you 

 ALL of this happens by just listening.
So take the test below. Share it with everyone. We are going to be offering it in all of our social media because we know how important it is to come face to face with how you are listening. I have had some pretty shocked people who discover that their listening is pretty meh. 
We also have an easy telecall or webinar (your choice) on listening that you can probably talk me into delivering to your team, detached facilities, virtual teams and worldwide organizations. 
To our success,


P.S.  Listening Test.  Just so you know, I had a lobbyist who thought she was pretty hot stuff until she took the listening test.  Her results showed her that her success quotient could be astronomically higher with a few quick course corrections in her listening.  Take the test. Share it with everyone you know.  Our devices are making us all into intermittent listeners which creates spotty results all of the time. Click here to take the test.

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