Snow, sleet, torrential rain, 60 mph wind, drought and high heat.  My 65 foot Oak tree never complained.  I have looked out my window and watched that 65 foot beauty sway in the wind when I was darn sure it might be on the ground soon.  And the year of the drought there were no acorns – not a   one.  Other years there we 20 trillion dropping to the ground and delighting the squirrels and driving my dog nuts. Sitting on my porch I have had the time to admire my Oak tree.  In the 9 years I have lived here, I have watched the wind “prune” the tree in the wind.  I have had the pleasure of noticing how the squirrels can dance on the thinnest of branches for that big fat acorn right on the end.  And the   shade it has provided during the hot TN summers is only surpassed by the amount of leaves it provides for me for my compost. Lessons learned from my Oak tree:

  •   Stop resisting the wind – bend
  •   Enjoy the rain – it cleans the air,   provides life and fills your cup
  •   See the sun as a friend – life giving and   warm
  •   Snow brings lovely nutrients to the soil   and sits so prettily on the  branches
  •   Sleet is not a bad thing – keep the faith   that it will stop cause it always does
  •   Growing new leaves is grand and beautiful
  •   Shedding old leaves is natural
  •   Dropping branches and sticks is like   getting a haircut and a shave

My findings with my clients after all these years is that we are way too intense with what needs to be done.  They do little bending in the wind, but lots of resistance to everything that seems hard.  We know so little   about our own natural rhythms that we set strict goals and create stress that is not necessary.

A   person that knows themselves; their challenges; their talents and their  strengths and how they work best, is someone you probably already  admire.  They have a personal accountability that transcends the  “urgency adrenaline” most of us operate in.

And  how do we find out what our natural talents successful rhythms are?   Well, I suggest our SNAPShot assessment. and click on the tab on the bottom of the home page.

Why find out?  Do you know where you are right now with your prospects,  clients, income, goals and how you are going to get everything done?  Are you feeling really good about how you are operating in your life? Only 10 months left in the year.

If not, our SNAPShot assessment can answer all that and more, faster than you ever thought possible.

Many people are a bit afraid to find out where they are and how they are.    Trust me, you are going to find out how really terrific you are and how, with just a little “course correction”, you will be more effective, efficient and confident than you have been for a very long time.

After 27 years of coaching, training, speaking, writing and consulting, I truly do know how to help you be your successful self.  Let me help.  We can sit together and admire my Oak tree together.     603-493-1435.

Do it now!


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