It was 92 degrees and total blue sky except for a few puffy clouds today,  just a bit south of Nashville where I live.
For October that is so unusual – it felt like summer and summer felt like relax and relax felt like stop working.

woman reading book at beach and sitting in lawn chairI just wanted to find a lawn chair, fill my mug with green tea and stare at nothing for a couple of hours.

Like you, I have dozens of things I could be doing, but what if this need to relax and rest is really what we should be doing.
No lecture.
No push to stop what you are doing.
Not going to nag you to take a few days off.
Just want you to consider that maybe our bodies and mind know what is best.
It has been a very busy few weeks for NMA and our clients.  So many wonderful these busy times, productive times, times of breakdowns and breakthroughs.  Magic and confidence building. 
Also exhausting.
So I give you permission to take several deep breaths and consider just sitting and staring for a bit.
The picture is from an ad that made it past my spam filter – it is of Cozumel Mexico.  It sure caught my attention.  I’ve never been to Cozumel before, but am willing to “sit and stare” for a week.  (Thank you spam filter for not working on this one.)

Who wants to go?
Yup, I know, you are busy.  So am I.
But maybe rest just needs to come before work…

To Our Success (and relaxation),


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