20161002_171708smThere is a wonderful lesson we can learn from the bee. Really!
It is our end of summer here in the North America and the bees are out in the gardens getting every last bit of pollen they can find. They are tenacious to the point of sleeping on the plants so they can be there when the suns comes out.
Normally bees swarm and get nasty if you get in their way too much. Right now you could probably pick them up with your hands.The bumble bees at least. 
The pictures I am sharing were taken at the end of the day (in my garden) and these bees are just hanging out so they can get the pollen as soon as the day begins again. They are not going anywhere. I have found many sleeping on the plants. 
It reminds me of an iPhone upgrade where people stand in lines for days to be the first to get the newest “stuff” from Apple.
Natalie, I have other things to do than read about bees. What is your point?
What is on your desk that needs you to get it done; to stay with it until the last period is typed; the best research is gathered; the deepest point of the negotiation has been reached and victory is yours?
All of us have something that we avoid because it is either hard or we do not think, when done, it will be good enough. Or a frequent stopper “waited too long to handle” and you are annoyed you waited this long. 
Two points: get out of your own way; decide the needed completion and then do it.
I ask people, leaders, business people, executives like you, what is keeping them up at night. Their answer is the control they need to get things done and the elimination of the stress to feel good enough to complete whatever is needed.
Bees don’t have these problems.
They are single minded. POLLEN. Go get it. The summer is ending. The light is changing. The cold is coming. Go get the pollen, now. Do whatever you have to do get the pollen.
So what is your pollen? 

  • Do you need to have a difficult conversation with someone you are somewhat terrified of and who will probably cry when you talk with them? Do it anyway.
  • Is the technology you are using for your staff and customer service at the speed and accuracy you need to complete? No? Fix it.
  • Are you overdue on delivering performance reviews because the time does not seem right and there is so much to do? Really? Schedule them and get them done.

Those things that are hanging over our head, but are also your responsibilities, are not getting done, no longer can be protected with “there is not enough time”. That excuse just ran out.
Decide your priorities. Take a few moments to decide what is important and then follow those thoughts and turn them into actions.  Not everything is a number one priority. Some things you are doing are just time synchs; habits; time wasters; not needed.  Decide  your top 3 priorities in the day and do them first thing. You will free up “worry” time that you can use to be more productive and less stressed.
Remember the POLLEN. What do you need to collect now so you can have some real ease? 
We can help. Coaching is what we do and we KNOW how to help you set your priorities and relieve some of your daily stressors.

To Your Success,

P.S. Here is the link to our NMA breathing YouTube video.  Take a few minutes and allow yourself to breathe and relax. Watch it here.

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