pic1There is a man that has been on the internet since the inception that knows more than anyone else.  His name is Tom Antion.  I got to speak with him for an hour this week and it was joyous, informative and inspiring.  (Thanks Tom).  I had an opportunity to do a consulting call with him and to pick his brain which is filled with all the information I needed…and then some.
So why share with you that I had a call with Tom?  Because Tom asked me how often I was sharing my next big project with the people in my business and profession life.  You know, THE BIG DREAM?
It’s called The Knoll.
I’ve been dreaming, scheming and planning for 15 years.  Had to get to the best area to execute; find the resources to support it; refine the methods, mission and vision and then get out of my own way. 
Seems the “getting out of my own way” was the stick in the spoke.  But I did not know that until today.  I did not know that I was not sharing this best kept secret because of “what if” feeling in my gut.
The Knoll:  A place where you come to have your brain and heart examined; your dreams positioned; your confidence emboldened; and your body filled with great, natural organic food. 
For breakfast you will gather your own eggs from friendly chicken nests; rain water is how you will wash the lettuce and tomatoes you pick for lunch.  Everything will be natural and grown at The Knoll.  The bees will provide you with honey for the gluten free just baked bread. 
Yup, it will have the fastest internet and be fully equipped with the latest technology.  The Knoll supports all aspects of our lives.  Technology is not a benefit anymore, it is a necessity.  However, you will learn how to use it to your advantage – you know, like time management; communication tips, techniques and strategies and how to not have you in its hold 24/7. 
It is a place where you meet up with yourself in a very substantial way and find out you really like yourself.  I kid you not!! 
The Knoll will help you incorporate the perfect amounts of my 30 years of communication, leadership and behavior learned from my clients and audiences – the content that has changed lives dynamically and dramatically so you can enjoy the freedom to create and choose the life that is most important to you. 
You will be exposed to a rolodex of inspiring, smart and successful thinkers and doers just like you. 
The property will have lots of healthy and happy wildlife; edible landscaping; soil enhancements; good food; FLOWERS; a food forest and orchards; lovely berries of all kinds and processed foods from the land in the form of dehydrated; canned; and of course, fresh.
The Knoll will be invitation only.  If you have coached with me, you will be welcome at any time.  We will have small 4-5 day retreats (10 times a year) that will leave you well rested, curious, filled with emotional and physical energy and new colleagues and friends. 
There is so much more to The Knoll, but for a first bit of information, I think this is good.  It feels good to share with you. 
So, thank you Tom for the inspired challenge.
It feels really good to talk about my Knoll.  It has been so much a part of me that it feels as if you already know about it.
Fall garden straw bale yummiesThe pictures in the blog today come from my experimenting with growing veggies in straw and hay bales – something we will be doing a great deal at The Knoll.  I grew some outstanding sweet potatoes in hay bales this summer. Organic, huge and delicious. 
When is The Knoll going to be open?  2017 is the plan.  When you take a dream and put the rubber to the road and you KNOW that you are supported and on the right track, you better buckle up cause the ride gets faster very quickly.
Thank you for listening and caring.
Thank you Tom Antion. 
To your success,

P.S.  please join me on Wednesday September 21st at noon CST for our monthly strategies for your success telecall.  I am joined by people just like you with timely questions – we answer the concerns and create inspired action. Sign up here. You need to sign up so we can send you the recording just in case you are not able to make the call. I would love to have you join us. 

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