Interesting imageSet up:  I am working with a seasoned and successful executive.  We had worked together before.  We had worked for 1.5 years with her team, her organization and individual coaching with the executive management team.
Now the circumstances are different.  She is restructuring her organization.
BUT does not have to relearn all of this content around leadership and communication again.
All she has to do is SHIFT  her energy and the energy of her team into the needs of now; the strategy that is designed and the next level of “terrificness” as they take the time to look at their structure after several years of EXCELLENT GROWTH. 
I find change to be a nasty word these days.  It implies a big upheaval in your life and how you do things. 
“We is going to change you.”  Is a big scary statement.  Who has time for change???
But you do have time for shift.
“Natalie, what the heck is the difference?”
The idea of shifting your attention and energy to what is needed now does not necessitate you relearning all that has supported you to date – those skills and behaviors you needed to change in the beginning of learning to be effective, efficient so you could create some kick butt results. 
Change would require that you to relearn to walk every time you wanted to go somewhere.
Shifting is using what you are already really good at and then applying it to what is needed right now. 
Here are some examples of shifting with what you know and what you already do well: 

  • Review the communication plan – what is working, what is not – don’t toss the whole plan ever
  • What have you learned that has helped – do more of that
  • Ask people what is important to them – wait until you see what great answers you get
  • Assess all the time – see if the plan; strategy; decision is working – take the time to assess and measure – you will LOVE how smart it makes you feel and the results
  • Succession planning for your key people is absolutely critical – you don’t need a $50,000 succession plan from a consultant like me – you need to evaluate who you have working with you; what the organization needs and then ask those people how and when they would like to start learning the next steps
  • Communication is key all the time – use the simple rules:  listen; ask; respond; support; body language; teach; share; congratulate; ask for more info; ask for clarity
  • Get your people together to just chat with some pizza and a nice cold something to drink –  do this often (you are allowed to not always have pizza)
  • Breath, teach people how to breath, practice breathing, set your device for daily reminders to breathe – you cannot live without your breath – let your body know you are doing well with deep breathing often- it makes a HUGE difference

Shifting means you are paying attention to what you already do well.
Changing means you have some serious holes and need to break out the “do it now” strategy which most times just stresses everyone out.
People are amazing.  They are smart.  They are talented.  They clearly care when asked for their input.  When you create a trusting and respectful environment people feel good.  When people feel good, including you, they do better work.  They do better outcomes.  They do better results. 
They just do better stuff, consistently.
You buy me a slice of white cheese pizza with sun dried tomatoes, green peppers and some lovely onions and I will share with you my most effective best practices on Shifting
I rarely tell my clients they need to change (but when they do, we get the changes in place). 
I always encourage them to shift their perspective to see what they already know and have and use that to move forward easily and comfortably.
Life is NOT supposed to be hard all the time.  Really it is not. 
Talk to me.  I can help.  See the P.S. below on getting with me on doing a SnapShot assessment for you.

To your success,

P.S.  Whether  you think you need to shift or make some dreaded, time consuming changes, the BEST place for you to start is with an SNAPShot assessment that will tell you in detail who, what and where you are today with your communication, environment, management, success, behavior and lots more important skill points. Get in touch with me. You will be ever so grateful to yourself for doing this assessment. Click Here.

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