Have you ever thought that maybe you are not so far off your success track as you think you are?
That your thoughts have become pretty negative, but your behavior really is pretty good?
When there is evidence that things could be better, we humans tend to make that which is not perfect into an insurmountable mess that it just might not be.
My clients and audiences make a big deal out of: 

  • Overwhelm and not meeting deadlines
  • Last minute work that upsets the little balance you have
  • Grumpy, tired and being judgmental
  • Too much technology
  • Not feeling confidence and thinking they are less smart; confident; needed; valued; strategic than they really are

When you start taking the negative track to figuring out what needs to be done; completed and or developed, you are not ever going to get all the information you need to do a good job.
Because you would not recognize the good stuff.
When we are grumpy, judgmental and generally tired, you rarely jump for joy.
Mostly you jump at people and lose your temper or become increasingly impatient. 
So how do you get back on your success track and do it positively? 
You take time to evaluate where you are and how you are.  Good questions to ask yourself are: 

  • When was the last time I got excited about the quarterly results?
  • Had a great laugh?
  • Fell asleep and woke up rested?
  • Did not growl at my device at the end of the day with all the emails and texts coming at you?
  • Left early, came in late or took a technology free weekend?

“What Natalie, other people actually do that?”
You want change?  Pick up your device right now and schedule something this weekend that you have not done, but would really like to do.
One of my coaching clients picked two hours at her local library scanning the stacks looking at the latest research on her beloved genealogy technology. (sounds horrible to me).  She put in her device what time she would leave on Saturday; who would take care of her kids; her limit to the amount of research she was going to do and how much time she would just sit in the silence.  The she scheduled her kids being brought to the library for story time with her and off to a bite of food after.
Note she was taking care of herself and her kids. Everyone had a good time and my client was totally refreshed.  She felt good about scheduling for herself and her kids. 
But you have to schedule taking care of you, really.  I have never met anyone, other than those with personal assistants, who have the scheduling done for them…the kind of inserting of scheduling that refreshes you and takes all the cobwebs out of your thinking and the edge out of your voice.
Getting back on track is not always about doing “stuff” better or faster.
Sometimes is about getting back to you and taking good care of who that is…clarity, focus and delight are waiting for you.  I promise.

To your success,

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