Did you have a great holiday? 
Personally, I skipped the large crowds and fireworks and fought potato bugs and cabbage worms in my garden. Don’t know if I am winning yet, but the odds do not seem in my favor as of this moment. 
I do lots of thinking when I garden. Some of my thinking is imagining the wonderful “what ifs” of life. I think of you, my clients and the people I communicate with…I pray for the ills of the world and my family.
Sometimes I even talk to the plants – I always talk with the birds and the bees, wasps and dragonflies.
Did you know that you can easily tell what time of year it is by what is outside with you in the garden?  You know it is the end of June beginning of July in TN when the dragonflies begin to visit the garden. Middle June are the Japanese beetles – which are totally unwelcome. You get the picture. 
And that is why I want to ask you the question, do you know what time of year it is for you?

July 2016

What did you plan on having done by this time in the year?

  • Completed the a new course on negotiation skills
  • Get that struggling direct report better trained
  • Lose 10 lbs or gain some muscle tone in your arms
  • Clean that damn garage, again
  • Clear out the filing piles and sort so you can find what you need
  • Read that amazing book your boss suggested and that
    you really want to read
  • Reduce the number of emails in your box and delete
    lots of old documents

When I am in the garden, I can get totally lost in time, space and pretend. Pile some dirt here. Drag the hose over here. Fertilize the squash. Transplant the very thick hostas. Pick and clean some of the lettuce for a neighbor. Design the edible landscaping space in my head for the someday soon.
But it always gets dark. The daylight fades and I have to come in the house. 
And the tools need to be gathered and put away so I can find them and use them when needed.
The list of things to be accomplished gets to have some checkmarks as “done”.
Let me ask you in the most respectful way that I can…
What do you want and/or need to get done to feel good, be confident and reduce some of those self-imposed stressors? 
My suggestion is that you decide and then do it. 
24 days until August.
Then 31 days until labor day.
Then someone will mention Thanksgiving and then say something about Christmas.
The resolutions will start and it will be 2017.
O R…you can take a deep breath and decide the next step that is best and then do it.
Tony Robbins says “take small actionable steps to create success”.   I totally agree.
Let me know if I can help.  If you need a nudge to get yourself into a coaching engagement with me, go read my testimonial pages
On those pages you will find people just like you who needed a nudge and then created confident, delightful success producing magic because they got stuff done.
By the way, the only reason that coaching ends up helping you create magic and the shifts that are important to you is that you have your own personal support in place that will guide; remind; congratulate; commiserate; orchestrate; answer questions; ask questions; help you be honest; yell woo hoo when you win and help you debrief the “damnits”.
One of my clients told me recently that she “did not think she was ever this smart” about completion, accountability and self-confidence.
I love being a coach.
Do you need one?
To your success,

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