Motivating yourself is so easy when you feel good, just got that fab raise or the car payment is done.

But on those days where you need some motivation for just YOU, here is a checklist just for you:

  • Know what you want – clarity creates results – goals are good, but just knowing what you want is clears up so much of the daily fog
  • Reward yourself, often – I have a fav Mexican restaurant that have the best nachos – I reward myself at least once a month with a pile – ALL FOR ME
  • B R E A T H E  – you can do so much more for yourself when you deeply breath often
  • Music – play your favorite music often:  car; office; kitchen; just put those tunes on and move and dance
  • Dream and visualize – just think about what you love and feel the positive chemicals start to pour through your brain and bloodstream
  • Use a picture that jazzes you as your screen shot – every time you use your device, there is the reminder that life is good
  • Hang out with positive people – find the people for you that supports you and cares about you
  • Be grateful for everything including this list – just say thank you to life
  • Skip perfection – it does not exist and it causes way too much stress – most of the time good enough is good enough
  • Tell yourself how terrific you are – next time you visit the restroom look into the mirror and tell yourself how TERRIFIC you are

Looking In The Mirror And Reflecting at himself

 Kool & The Gang  – CELEBRATION  – turn the music up!!!

One of my favorite self-motivating techniques is easy and fast and don’t we all want that.

Before I get out of bed in the morning, I name, out loud, 3 things I am totally grateful for…my bed; my puppy; my wonderful new clients; my car that always starts; that spring is coming.

You get the picture.

Be well and be blessed.


P.S.  We had some very serious technology issues this past week so if you missed the blog from last week, here it is.  For those of you who got it, we appreciate the very “motivating” feedback. 

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