Geesshh   How many end of 2015 tips and techniques for making 2016 our best year ever do we need to have in our email box?

Frankly I am tired of it.  I bet you are too.Man

There is no drawn out way that you have to evaluate your year. 

It is the same 4 questions I use with my clients.

The answers are right there.  You know the answers.

If you want to know how 2015 is and was for you, try this:

Ask yourself:

  1. What is working?  And then do more of that in 2016
  2. What is not working? And do less of that in 2016Women
  3. What needs to change?  And do that in 2016
  4. What is next for me to do?  And do that.

We can confuse the heck out of ourselves with the long elaborate self-analysis suggested in all the end of the year email suggestions I have received.  Oh, and then they also want you to buy their program to help to fix what you broke. 

You know what worked.  And, my goodness, you are really clear on what did not work.

Since I am of the paper and pen generation, I use my fav pen and lined paper; get comfy in my gold brocade chair with the best ever green tea (from China and organic) and answer the 4 questions.

When I am done – it does not take long – I feel good.Relaxing

I know what is next.

I can forgive what did not work.

I can plan to do more of what did work.

Then I can prioritize what is next and do it in increments that do not overwhelm me.

You know what.  HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Goodbye 2015

We deserve to know what we have done well; what did not work well at all; what to change and what is next.

I love champagne and will raise a glass for you and to you this New Year’s Eve.

Deep breath.  You are a radically marvelous person who deserves to shift from overwhelm to ease, clarity and a next step knowing what you really want and need to do.

Blessings and love,Happy New Year


P.S.  Thank you to all of you for the lovely emails about how the NO Stress Holiday tips made such a big difference in your holidays this year.  My absolute pleasure to gather them, write them and then provide them to you.  YOU ARE WELCOME!  If you did not see them, they are right here

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