It is the week of Christmas.  Because Friday of this week is the Christmas Holiday, many people have taken this whole week off.

Some to spend with family – maybe kids off from school for this entire week.

Maybe to do some last minute shopping – important people to buy for and then the wrapping of the gift.Tree

And maybe even some deep cushy chair sitting with a favorite thing to read – like the WSJ front page to last page – no rush, no fuss, no hurry.


Relax before the holiday?  How could that be?

There are so many things to do…

This week my new grand boy baby is off to the hospital for an operation.  We are all sad, worried and even a bit scared. 

The result of all of this need to get ready for this event, is that the holiday has taken a back seat…a marvel really.

No last minute rush to the store.Baby

Not much wrapping of gifts.

Some thinking about what is really important and some handwritten notes of how much we love each other and what 2016 is going to bring to our family.

My grand boy baby’s need slowed us all down and showed us what is really important right this minute.

Will there be gifts?  Of course.

Will there be a celebratory meal on Christmas day?  Yes.  Less formal and certainly less worried about.

We will all be gathered together with this little iddy biddy boy baby grateful for the successful outcome of a very serious operation.

I wish you the same warmth and closeness without the worry.

May you be blessed and loved.Family

Breathe deeply and be in the moment.  It really is the only one you have. 

Blessings and love,



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