16 days until the end of 2015

10 days until Christmas

7 days until the first day of winter

11 days until Kwanzaa2016

We have 365 days in our year.  All of us.  We have equal time to get things done that are important to us.  On the first day of January of any year, we all have the same opportunities to accomplish, plan and succeed as anyone around us.

We expect to be successful and to get things done.

And yet, the majority of you reading my intro of “only” so many days left in the year or before events, feel rushed and less successful than you want to be.

So many things not done yet:

  • Completing your goals for 2016 and the strategy to accomplish them
  • Reviewing how 2015 has gone and what you would do more of and what you obviously will do less of in the next year
  • Finishing buying the gifts for the holidays
  • Adding those easy nutritional habits like hydrating more frequently and adding protein instead of carbs to how you fuel yourselves
  • What about the skills you were going to work on this year?
  • What about the better relationships you were going to make happen?
  • What about the complete cessation of the negative head talk about yourself?
  • Setting yourself up to do, be and learn what everyone else is doing, being and learning

EXPECTATIONS can ruin you real need and want because we add so much to our list to change, do, buy, complete, learn……………To Do List

Here is my coaching tip for you

If you want the best year you have ever had in 2016, review what you did in 2015.  Be honest with what worked and why it worked.

Indulge in positive celebration of what you accomplished and what pleased you.  Then do more of that.  Expand on what worked and how it made you feel. 

And what did not work, do less of and know why it did not work. 

Expectations might have guided you to put what was never going to work on the top of your list to get done…and how did that work?

Decide for you, after your review, what is most important to your personal life and your professional life.Girl on Computer

Do more of that.

Make time for pleasure and learning.  Make time for reflecting and planning.  Make time each day for a space where you breathe through what worked and what did not work.  Pick a time and put it in your device to remind you to breathe and review. 

Allow yourself to shift into an agile mode of action based on how you feel and what is needed and HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE WELL.

Bring your talents and strengths to the expectations; the strategy; the need; the work.  I guarantee that when you know what is most important to you, life will take on a surreal feeling of just feeling good, all of the time. 

When you don’t feel you can do it on your own, ask for help.  But never give up what is important to you.  NEVER.

Blessings to you and yours this amazing holiday season. Wreath

I celebrate Christmas, so a big huggy, gooey, loving  Merry Christmas to you and yours.   


P.S.  2015 top NO Stress Holiday tips…you deserve to be less stressed.  Enjoy the tips, techniques and strategies for your NO Stress Holiday.  My gift to you and yours.  The tips work.  I’ve been publishing these tips for 15 years.  Trust me, they W O R K, faster than you ever thought possible.

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