newborn baby feetHello Dear People:  When you read this I will have been a gramma for 2 days.  This is my first grand baby and probably not my last.  The new parents are beautiful, smart, caring and dynamic as people and as a new Papa and Mamma.

Frankly, I am in Awe.  How does it happen that your baby has a baby?  Of course it has happened many billions of times, but it is so personal and mystical at the same time.

For 25+ years I have been in the people and behavior business.  Coaching is not just my career, it is my life.  I am a great coach (or so I have been told hundreds of times) and I LOVE being a business and life coach. 

It humbles me to be invited into people’s lives – to help them get back on track; acknowledge their talents and strengths and then develop and use them; create successful outcomes and encourage their brilliant confidence to choose the life that is most important to them…faster than they ever thought possible.

For me and the work, there has been a natural and loving ease. 

heartCoaching for me is very much like parenting:  reminding, encouraging, loving, reminding again and applauding the “you got this” moments.  When you allow a good coach into your personal and professional life, there are dozens and dozens of applause moments that turn into competence and skills.

In the beginning of my coaching, I was in awe of the changes and successes.  I am no longer in awe, but grateful that my clients allow themselves the privilege of the sweet courage to grow. 

As Tony Robbins says, “small focused actionable steps” create amazing results.  Boy is he right!

Humans taking steps they thought they could never take, to create results they thought were not possible, becomes the NATURAL outcome from your coaching engagement.

And now I hope that as a gramma, I can bring that love, support, motivation, inspiration to my new baby Grand Boy.

family is where life begins and love never endsSo many of my keynotes and speaking engagements over the years have used the stories of my children as examples of consistency, frequency and focus.  Now I will have a whole new set of examples and stories to share.

I am blessed.  By you.  By my clients.  By life.  And now I am in awe and fully blessed as a gramma.

Life is good. 

My love to you,


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