Creating Successful Results ConfidentlySuccessful results feel so good.  Whether it is a project, a proposal or getting up to go to the gym, again.

A successful result is a combination of lots of skills – accountability, confidence, critical thinking, leading, clarity, outcome needs and execution.

Sometimes things happen so fast, you are not even aware that these skills are being used.

One of the most powerful of the skills that we use to create successful outcomes and results, is critical thinking. 

Critical thinking does not naturally happen many times.  We are moving so quickly in our lives, that reaction is our planning rather than taking a breath and deciding to think about the result we want, need and desire.

When we react to stimulus, it is mostly our “old” information we stimulate to solve what is a new opportunity.  When we take time to consider what is possible, we are able to use all of our cognitive and intuitive skills to plan and solve what would be most important to us; the project; the people; the client; the need.

I love creating confident situations for myself and my clients.

Confidence is a most enjoyable state of being.  We stand differently.  We think differently.  We speak differently.  We perform differently.

Creating Successful Results Confidently

When we have decided to shift from reaction to clearly and critically think through our next steps, a “feeling” of confidence courses through us and we alertly perform what is needed.

Here are some easy and immediate ways to create moments of confidence:

  • Breathing deeply and letting our bodies know we are good – the breath is the best indicator to your body that you are in control of the moment
  • Acting as if all is well – having a body stance of power; courage; sweetness; fairness; calm; or any other feeling you consider powerful for the moment
  • Thinking like a winner and a confident person – imagine you are in the body and situation of the most confident person you know and then act as they would act – be them
  • Imagining what is most important for you; the situation; the project; the people and/or the outcome

successful womanThen take action.

Creating successful results by acting in a confident manner is a powerful practice that is easily and immediately implementable. 

Try it.  You will like the results.

My best to you all,


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