Stack of moving boxesThe negatives around the process of moving are really underrated.  It is not fun.  It causes you to go in circles with scissors, tape and labels hanging out of your pockets. 

I bought 8 rolls of packing tape and have them strategically located throughout my home so I do not have to spend the endless minutes looking for the $%^&*( tape again.  I don’t have as many pairs of scissors, but what pairs I do have, I also have them placed throughout the house, lakeside porch, gardening table, front porch and my paper “packing essentials” bag I also carry throughout the house while organizing.

Well, organizing might be at a bit higher level than I am right now.  I am at the placement stage.  Put it here and handle it when I get to that spot to pack it. 

Most people complain about packing the kitchen as the hardest spot, but I think a home office is the worse.  As a visual worker, I need everything out so I can see what I am working on.  So if I pack it, what will happen?

Will it disappear forever?  Will the client get a response?  Will the association wanting me to speak get the proposal back in time.  Will the corporation that needs their team trained in September, get the overview of results they requested?

Of course they will.  However, the stress and confidence bending exercise called moving does not support the notion “I Got This” and my easy natural way of dealing with people and their needs.

“Natalie, didn’t you just move not too long ago?”

ducksYES, 7 months ago.  I moved to a nice houseshare in Middle TN right on a darling lake with two geese islands in the center.  The geese announce their take offs and their landings.  They bring their new little ducklings to the shore and show them off sometimes even coming ashore so we can get a good look at their darling fluffy feathers and tiny features.  My puppy Layla did not even bark at them. 

And before I moved to this lovely house on a lake, I lived in 4 other places in TN in the last two years.  That means that in 2 years I will have moved 5 times.  One would think that I would have gotten this down to a science by now. 

When I sold my home in Eastern TN, I did a cleaning of my office and home that I thought was awe inspiring.  I went through every piece of paper that I owned, office and personal.  I donated 300 books from my personal and professional library to libraries and schools.  I had 254 pounds of paper shred.  I gave away most of my belongings like living room furniture, split up my treasures with my kids from my years of living outside the country, and sorted all the saved items from the kid’s growing up years.

So what could I possibly have to move now?

Well, it has been two years and I might have replaced some of the books with new ones.  Maybe an additional 100??  Maybe more.  Ok, I will always be buying real books.  Oh, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I also have a Kindle filled with wonderful books. 

What could be left in my meager cleaned out life that needed to be moved?

moving boxesWhat about all the clothes I brought with me that I might want to wear again?  30 lbs. of clothes to Goodwill last week.  BOOM.

And my gardening seeds that I saved and tried growing for the first time this year.  And all physical new coaching notes from my highly successful and communicative clients.  My new book cases need to come with me.  And the new flower pots.  And the dirt I need to take with me – the good stuff that I have added fab compost to…

“Natalie, this is more than I want to know about you.”

Here is the lesson for me:  I am positively changing and shifting and growing with each move. 

My original idea was to travel and live in TN to see where I want to eventually land.  Well, I believe I have found it and have rented (one year lease) a lovely little house in middle TN 15 minutes travel to my pregnant (first grandchild) kids and 45 minutes to Nashville and airport. 

Technology and my stunning clients have allowed me to coach, communicate and support them and I did the same for me.

Vibrant, thriving, wealthy, healthy and truly happy.   That’s me. 

Lesson for you:  You can do the same thing while your life is stressful, chaotic, busy and scary because you know what you want as an outcome.

Don’t know your outcome?  I will be done with my move Thursday.  Call me.  We can figure it out together. 

I am really good at it and together, you will be too.

Blessings and love,


P.S.  When my one year lease is up, I will be buying land to invite you to.  VIP days, in person, real live nose to nose coaching and growing.  You will leave with action plans that work for you and create the life you want and deserve, faster than you ever thought possible.  Can’t wait. 

P.P.S.  Our monthly Confidence and Stress Reducing call is Wednesday August 19th at noon CST.  You can send in your questions ahead of the call if you would like to do that.  Do register below so I know who is coming and so we can send you the recording when we are done reducing stress and building confidence.  Listen to last months here.

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