people shadowYour perception of how well your life is going and how well you feel can go to heck pretty quickly.  This is a story of a good friend who had a terrible scare this last week.

The Story:  How would you feel waking up feeling lousy, dizzy, disoriented and nauseated?  Really not able to even think clearly.   My friend who has enjoyed good health his whole life was:


I think I would have felt the same way.  Those were a lot of very scary symptoms for anyone, but for someone who is never ill, it felt like the “end”.

I talked with my friend that morning as we were going to have lunch.  I encouraged him to go see the doctor quickly.  I offered to drive him to the doctor.  He said that he was going to take a nap because he knew he would feel better once he woke up.

Remember, he is still feeling that this is not real.  These symptoms just could not be happening to him.

After another 2 hours he was not feeling better and was not sure he could feel worse. 

He drove himself to the ER as he did not want anyone in his family, his staff or friends to know how badly he was feeling.  (not recommended, by the way, as he is still not sure how he got to the ER)

Fortunately there was  a terrific Physicians Assistant on duty who kept asking questions because not much made sense. 

“Why the onset of these symptoms; no food issues; no accidents; no breathing issues.”  Everything was normal except his heartbeat because he was so nervous that the end was coming…in a just a couple of minutes.  With the questions she continued to ask, she determined that his potassium levels were dangerously low.

My friend had worked in the fields with his people during the week – he owns hundreds of acres of food that needed to be harvested – because his brother, who was the manager of the operation, needed help.  The work was done during a hot TN week in the field.  The heat index was 104.  Not a cloud in sky to give relief from the sun beating down.  Everyone working at high speeds to beat the coming rain.  Etc

My friend used up all the electrolytes in his body and his body told him never to do that again.

The PA recommended two products that contain large amounts of electrolytes that he could immediately drink.  Within 4 hours he was better.  By the next morning he was back to his normal “I Feel Good” self.

And he was completely grateful for his health in a way he had never been before. 

Lesson:  don’t forget to take care of you and your body.

When was the last time you could say that you “feel really good”? 

Most of the time it is not something we need to stop doing to feel good, it is something we need to remember to continue to do so we can feel good.

You cannot mess with your electrolytes and feel good.

You cannot continue to not sleep well and perform well.

You cannot stay well if you do things that do not support your 100 trillion cells in your body.  You’re “not doing” stressors are hurting you, you’re thinking and your normal body operation.

Stress?  Yes, we all have stressors, but we also have body needs.

floss teethWhat does your body need right now?  Something that you have neglected because you got away from not doing it? 

My question is this:  what do you need right now to feel good that you have not done in a long time that use to make you feel great but you think you don’t have time, money, energy or need for anymore?

Here are some really simple things you can do and will take not much time and can provide lots of “I feel good” results:

  • Breathe.   You knew I would say that.  Right now, breathe deeply and breathe deeply many times during your day
  • Hydrate – keep water with you – many times when we feel hungry it is just needing to drink some water and, oh yes, add some electrolytes to that too
  • Add Vitamin C and D to your daily practices – C cannot be stored in the body and stress eats it like candy and D is apparently missing at chronic levels from 47% of Americans tested
  • Move, move, move – do it now.  If you are reading this on your device do some deep knee bends, if you are at your desk, stand up and down 10 times, move
  • Floss at least 3 times a week – you cannot even begin to imagine the totally awful bacteria they are finding in-between your teeth related to so many diseases especially heart disease
  • Eat earlier in the evening and then walk for 10 minutes after – this is producing amazing results on weight, stamina and stress reduction

These are just a few you can consider or add or start doing again cause you stopped cause you got busy.

Building your “feeling good” confidence is the best stress reducer ever. 

You can bet my friend will never let himself forget to get electrolytes into his body ever again.  The experience terrified him because he did not have control over his health – he felt like he was dying.  That kind of experience certainly changes our perspective on how easily we can TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.


James Brown

Feel better.  Look better.  Act better.  Perform better with the ability to relax and enjoy your good health.

Don’t you love that song “I Feel Good” by James Brown? Watch the YouTube video below to listen to the song.

Blessings and love,


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