flower gardenEpigenetics.  How do you like that for a term?  It is the study of the influence of your environment on your genes.  And you know what they found out?

It is pretty woo woo for those of us that are on the conservative side and “prove it to me” set.

They, meaning Richard J. Davidson, Founder of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds and The William James and Vilas Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in their recent study determined that genes change to match our environment. 

Stay with me here.

We have been told our entire lives that what we got in the way of genes from our parents and their parents, indicated our health and predisposition for success.  That our genes ruled everything and you got what you got.  No change to the genes were possible.  No chance to be extremely healthy because your lineage was not healthy.  No matter what you did, you were going to be predisposed to lack of success and health because of the genes you received from your parents, their parents, great grandparents and so it on. 

In my learning and upbringing I learned that GENES ruled me.  If my hair was thick, it was my genes.  If my teeth were good, then my genes made it so.  Yes, I could eat well and try some better habits, but I was going to “get” the diseases that my parents and their parents passed down to us through our GENES.


Our environment is what we eat; where we live; who we hang with; how much sunlight we allow on our bodies and our judgments and thoughts about how it is all going.

Our thoughts are our environment. 

Our thoughts create our environments

My entire career as a coach has been to support people in their behavior, mindset and thinking to shift and change to create the freedom and successes they want and deserve.

I have seen miracles with people who were predisposed to many unhealthy and unwelcomed parental legacies.  And yet they survived and thrived. 

The power in knowing that we ultimately have the freedom and the right to determine how we feel, think and operate is the ultimate in grace and freedom.

Our 100 trillion cells in our bodies and the genes respond to us.  We no longer have to be beholding to them.

You want health?  Think health.  Align with health.  Read health.  Feel health.  Hang out with healthy things, people and thoughts.  Mimic healthy people.  Breathe in health. 

The following self-development crusaders  have told us for years to change our thinking and it will shift our outcomes and success:  Mike Dooley, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Depok Chopra, even Jesus… “As you think, so it shall be.”

How you are thinking and living today is your life.  So how is it going?  You happy and satisfied with how you and your life it operating?

Know what?  You can start right here and right now to create the ENVIRONMENT you want – even shifting your powerful genes – by choosing to think positive, life enhancing thoughts.

Shift your environment now.

Mike Dooley says:  “Thoughts become things.  Choose good ones.”

flowers in vaseMay I share:  I have books, tiny signs, an old fashioned cork bulletin board, smart device notes and alarms and handwritten affirmations all over my office to remind me – a very busy coach, mom, writer, almost grammie, author, friend, product producer, gardener and radio guest –  that I am creating my life and my health with my thoughts and environment.

For me, my clients, my audiences and YOU – this is the best news ever.  You have total control over what you attract into your remarkable life. 

I would love to help you master your environment and become the poster child of your remarkable life.  Yay Epigenetics!

My love,


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