tree“So what do I do now Natalie?” 

She is a mature, educated, business owner who is nutritionally correct that  is now homeless and without a significant relationship and feeling more stress than she ever thought existed in the world. 

Her thought process is fully immersed in “woe is me” and cannot see any options, but can only see despair – can only feel pain – can only know that life has truly ended for her. 

In my career, most of the time when I speak with a prospect about coaching with me they have not hit rock bottom, at least in their minds.  They are challenged with knowing something else is possible and are reaching out to an experienced helpmate/coach to guide them through those next steps.

As I thought about my new client last night as I was drifting off to sleep and saying my end of the day gratitude prayers, I knew that her “now what” was based on the same principles of coaching and creating successful results as anyone else.  Rock bottom is a place to start and find your options also. 

The difference is that she would need a dramatic intervention to shut off her negative knowings and thoughts about her situation so she will be able to have a discussion about her options. 

kittypuppyTrust me, there are ALWAYS options. 

When you are lost – or think you are – with no options that easily come to your thinking, breathe.

Of this I am completely serious.


Sit down and breathe.  Deep breaths.  Slowly breathing.  Breathing a way that settles the body functions and shifts you from frantic to calmer. 

We are clever and creative when we are centered and calm.  Our thinking finds options that cannot exist in the chaotic Oh My God tense body and mind moments. 

What Now? she asked me between tears, shaking and her anger. 

And here are some options for you and for her to stabilize you so you can be clear and clever:

  • Breathe deeply and intentionally
  • Recite favorite phrases that inspire you – whether you believe them in the moment or not (one of my favorites for years has been:  The entire Universe conspires to bring me my good – trust me, it works)
  • Find a favorite picture and look at it
  • Ease into some natural surrounding even if it is the rooftop cafeteria of your building
  • Hold a plant in your hands
  • Pet a dog or cat
  • Wrap yourself in your favorite blanket (called blankies at my house even by the adults)
  • Put on your favorite socks
  • Rub your neck and arms

blanketWhen your 100 trillion stressed and chaotic cells of your body begin to feel you take control, your mind will follow.

You will absolutely find options and answers to your What Next question.

And I can easily help.  I have been in this crazy, lost, stressed space and can share with you the techniques that helped me survive, helped my clients and family survive and then thrive!

Blessings and love,

P.S.  Our June 17th free telecall at noon CST is going to be amazing. Not only will we be talking about your daily stressors and what to do about them, but taking your questions so you can immediately begin to shift from stress to centered success.  We will be recording it and will send it to you. BUT you need to register below first…we need to know who you are so we can share the info.

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