Confident you.  Remember the last time you just owned the moment?  Can you describe how you were standing?

What you were wearing?

Who was there?

Do you also remember how the situation belonged to you and the people were listening, responding, approving, contributing – it was just smooth, good and juicy.

I remember an confident exercise my coach had me practice when I was learning my speaking and keynoting skills.  Being hired to speak for 50 people was easy.  Being hired to speak for 2,500 people at a full conference setting had my stomach bouncing. My non confident stories sounded like this: 

  • I can’t do this – only the most important people in the world can keynote to 2,500 people and not sound stupid
  • What the heck do I bring to this venue?  What could I possible have to say that would be of value to this crowd of people?
  • I need to lose 25lbs today in order to look good
  • What if no one buys my books at the conference when I do my book signing
  • They are going to laugh when they hear how much I am going to charge them – they will never pay me that!

Zig ZigglerMy coach suggested that I watch some of my favorite great speakers and see what they do to provide value and keep the audience interested and engaged enough to learn.

I watched Zig Ziggler who got down on one knee and spoke reverently about his red headed wife he adored. 

tonyrobbinsTony Robbins, all 6 foot 5 inches of him, spoke with emotion and persuasion that had people on their feet – he told people they could do it and they did.

Marianne Williamson gently and sweetly related the learnings of the Course In Miracles to thousands and thousands of people and it felt as if you were just in a cozy living room with just her. 

marianne williamsonEach of these famous speakers was confidently providing value –without the stress of worrying about speaking – by knowing their own style and the value of what they wanted to bring to the people in the audience that took their precious time to hear them speak. 

No stress.

No fuss.

No worry.

No sleepless nights, upset stomachs, worrying about what people would think.

These world renowned people, Zig, Tony and Marianne, knew their topic and what they loved and stepped up to the lectern and delivered. 

Watching these people inspired me to take a few hours of my time and ask myself:  What is most important to me and what is it I want to bring to the people who are in the audience?  What outcome did I think the audience deserved and needed?  What did I need to do and know in order to bring the most valuable keynote to my audience – something they would remember because it is relevant to them?  And then, what else would be possible when I answer all these questions?

Tony Robbins tells us that “life is mess”.  I remind you often that your messy stress is hurting you and keeping your from being your best.

When you know your stuff, take on the confident stance of those that exude confident and provide the value that is most important in the moment, there is NO STRESS.

I confidently and with deep respect, delivered the valued content to my audience of 2,500 people.  It was fun, rewarding and educational for me.  I got a standing ovation and you know what, that felt awesome.

Confidently find and deliver value and you will reduce your messy stressors immediately.

Blessings and love,


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