You are smart, talented, committed and stressed.

The quote that the “devil is in the details” is absolutely right and the details need to be refined to meet your needs and standards.

Your boss can lead you and suggest to you, however the output of the work needed to be done demands that the refinements meet your expectations and rhythm. 

A simple example of refinement:  staff meetings have always been on Tuesday mornings.  Since the merger with your new company, Tuesday is the worst day to get all the key people to the Skype meeting.  No one has said anything because there are so many other details to get done…except the staff meeting is not well attended because it is on Tuesday – truly it is making everyone stressed and not effective.

All you want to do is move it to Wednesday.  You know from a quick informal survey of your teammates that Wednesday would work best for collecting the data needed; sales projections are discussed late on Tuesdays so you would have that data for the meeting; two of the key new members can work from home on Wednesday and not have to be in the middle of a commute for the morning global meeting. 

flowerbouquetSo change the meeting.

Make it work.

Refine the process.

Do not go along because it has always been done that way. 

Think of how many of the other team members are frustrated by the Tuesday morning meeting, including yourself.

Share your ideas of why the change would create a more effective meeting and support all those that need to attend. 

Be a hero and change the meeting to Wednesday.

Refinement is about making the details work for you and the those participating.  Late data does not get to win.  Usual and customary is outdated.  Bright, talented and stressed people deserve to have the required output work for them and with them.

Once you start looking at your work and life with the idea that “refinement is good” and you deserve less stress, you will more easily shift the details and process to support a more effective outcome.

Stress is defeating us in so many ways.

You deserve to be stress free and refreshed.
You deserve to be working easily in your talents and strengths without the dreaded “this is the way it is” syndrome. 

Developing the habit of becoming aware of what is working well for you and what is NOT working well, will support you in developing effective, valued and stress reducing habits that serve you.  Share your good ideas.  People are waiting to hear from you. 

Deep breath.  All is well.  You can do this!!

– Natalie

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