gratituechangeseverythingSuccessful people have rituals that remind them of the results and success they want to achieve.

Yes they have a plan.

Yes they have a mission and a strategy.

Yes, they spend time discovering what it is they really want.

And then they have the rituals that remind them, sometimes hourly, of what is most important to them.

Tony Robbins begins his day with what he calls Priming.  It involves visualizing his day, meditating and getting very clear on why that is important to him and his success.

Jack Canfield has what he calls his “7 minute affirmation/gratitude” ritual that he does each morning.  When he first started his ritual, he had a piece of money taped to his ceiling, so the moment he opened his eyes, he would be reminded of what his money goal was.

The Dali Lama spends 4 hours a day meditating to make sure that he is clear, centered, grounded and committed to the goals of world peace and the people who support him.

So what is your ritual to help you remind you that you want the results you want and the success you deserve?

baseballBaseball pitchers have dozens of rituals they use so they can throw the ball well.  Touching their cap, dusting their hands, how they walk to the plate, words they use to keep them in the present moment.  We have all watched them during the game use their rituals to keep them in the game and clear about what is needed in the moment. 

I bet you have rituals that help you stay the course during your busy day:

  • That lucky tie you wore the last time you made a big sale
  • The lucky dress you wore during the best presentation of your life
  • That rock you collected that sits on your desk that reminds you of the hike of your life
  • The card in your desk drawer with the sayings that ring all your chimes and help with your confidence
  • A short prayer right before a tough situation
  • A text to a favorite person asking for support, a prayer circle, FB friends

In my humble opinion (and experience), one of the best ways to keep you reminded of the rituals/totems that work for you is your device.  It has alarms, music, timers that can remind you to do, say, think or read what inspires and guides you.

iamgreatfulI use to have my alarm set each day for 6:00pm as a reminder to stop for a moment and be grateful for the day.  I put this ritual into practice because I had noticed a tendency to be critical of myself, at the end of my business days, for not getting everything done that was on my list.  Trust me, no one could have gotten my list all done in one day.  Duh, that was part of the lesson I learned with the 6:00pm alarm.  To be kinder to myself.  To be more reasonable about what I put on my list to get done.  To review my day and “woo hoo” for all that I had accomplished.  It changed my attitude and my practices 180 into positive and supportive language, thoughts and actions.

All of my clients use some sort of reminder (ritual) to stay close to how brilliant, success oriented and results producing they are…texting me; prioritizing their daily planning list; affirmations of congratulations (daily) and coaching methods for themselves in tough situations – to keep them clear of what is needed and wanted and NOT the critical, harming, excessively critical self-talk we all are guilty of…we all are guilty of.

Try setting your alarm mid-morning with the intention of saying something wonderful to yourself, looking at your progress, being grateful, taking some deserved deep breaths.

thankyouYou are clever.  Figure out an easy way to have your device help you during the day.  Then at night, right before you close your eyes, say thank you for your day. 

Thank you for your toes.  Thank you for the sheets on the bed.  Thank you for the brain power to say thank you.  Thank you for the roof during the rain.  Thank you for ____________.  Fill in the blank.

Trust me.  We all have so much to be thankful for.

Make it a  ritual for your success.

Blessings and love,

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