daffodilsMy coach (yes every good coach should have a coach of their own) lives in Vermont.  Today it is 15 degrees and the wind is blowing hard…cutting right through her warm coat, scarf and gloves. 

I sent her a picture of a daffodil and an emerging tulip from my yard in TN which is hundreds of miles further south and doing spring emerging things almost as you watch.

It is 72 degrees in my part of TN, the lake is calm today and the geese are noisy with their spring glee…or whatever it is that makes geese honk dozens of times in a row for no apparent reason, except to them.

daffodilOn the glassed in porch, my rosemary is leaning toward the sun and the thyme is anxious to get into the ground.  Even the radish seeds have sprouted on the porch containers. 

Your indicators of your life might be the way TN feels and looks right now or it could be the way Vermont looks and feels right now.  It does not matter, you can easily emerge into the next exciting phase of your life, right where you are. 

Here is what the definition of Emerge is:

  • Emerge, a verb which indicates action
  • To come forth into view or notice as from concealment or obscurity
  • To come into existence; develop
  • To rise, as from an inferior or unfortunate state of condition

plantssproutingIf you were in a room full of coaches we would call not emerging, hiding.  Not wanting to shine.  Afraid of really living your true talents and strengths.  Not letting people know “what ya got”.

Not too long ago being a Nerd was not something anyone wanted to be.  Now, being a Nerd is something to be proud of.  What changed?

Perception. Actions. Technology. 

So who are you and what is it that is keeping you from emerging into your interesting and confident self?  And…letting people know the interesting, talented, brilliant, confident person that you are.

growingplantsDon’t hide.  It is really is your time to shine.  Take a few minutes and write up your most shining qualities and then promise yourself to develop just one that you will be sharing this week. 

I would be delighted to help. 

Blessings and love, Natalie

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