There are times when you just need to share something that has supported or inspired you and I want to do that with you today.

We all have really immediate projects that need completing.  You know, the thing that you said you would do and then you don’t.  Or you don’t want to because it is hard; or will take a long time; or you really don’t know how to do it.

So I completed a project like that this past Friday.  It was a terrific feeling.  Done.  Complete.  I was just sitting there relaxing into the doneness of it and skimming my FM feed.  I had time to spend cause there was nothing driving me to distraction.  Nothing I had not completed and had it hanging over my head.

This project was done, proofed and sent.  I felt damn good about the project too. 

So FB just got my attention and I came across a link of sayings.  You know those sayings that arrive right when you need them?

Most of them are 15 words or less and probably not by anyone famous.  Lots are by well-known people, but most of them are just words put together on a graphic and then shared on FB. 

And they are significant and moment changing.

Sometimes they are so cool, I wish I had thought of them.

Sometimes they are good, I get a tear in my eye and am grateful I came across the message.

Sometimes I have read them before, but in this moment they really have an impact.  They remind me of something significant that is important.

These four (4) are ones that I really liked and had an impact on me.  I am sharing them because I want them to come to you just in case you need them too.

the older we get fear is a prison
life begins at the end of your comfort zone before you act


I write original graphics with pictures on my FB Page here all the time.  My clients love them.  They tell me they feel inspired and less stressed.  And isn’t that the point when you share or create, that others would appreciate or need what you have written/created?

Here is a link of 56 sayings that I saw and wanted to share with you.  I hope you find some inspiration, but also have a moment to understand how truly terrific you are…and that everything is possible when you dream it or take action.

Let me know if they were helpful like they were for me.  

Blessings, Natalie

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