snapshot assessmentWhat if you could easily take control of your success today and stop really wondering (and worrying) when your next set of successful results are going to happen?

The first step is always the hardest because of time; limiting beliefs; money; and self-confidence.  You probably don’t want to know what you could do better because it would mean making changes.  A move from your current habitual routines. 

My coach asked me to list why my clients made the decision to coach with me.  It was a good exercise because it allowed me to see clearly the value I add and then to share that with you.  (yes, I have a coach and if you are coaching with someone, they better have one too).

I am going to just lay it out. 

Highly successful people coach with me because they are:

  • Lost  –  something bounced their world and now they have some serious self-doubts
  • Their confidence is shot because of a perceived failure
  • Anger seems to fly out of their mouths connected to all their words
  • Stress is showing up in every area of their lives:  weight; relationships; money; family; work; planning; communicating – and more
  • Reactive behavior has replaced calm, measured and thoughtful responses
  • The body they are living in is beginning to betray them
  • Life seems hard; harder than it used to be
  • They continue to think that because they are smart, talented and successful they should be able to “fix” what is bothering them by themselves

Independence is ok when it works.  Interdependence is best because it recognizes that which is valuable to the whole.  The ego is a tough cookie when you knock it around and it will stand it’s ground without any hope of winning…just cause it is the ego. 

The very worst thing that happens to those of us that create success is we continue to use the same behavior with each situation to create the successes that felt so good.  It does not work that way.  Success and growth do not necessarily beget the same.

We change.  The world changes.  Are you using a buggy whip anymore?  A dial phone?  Nope and if you were, someone would probably think you were practicing for an “old time” skit of some sort.

It is also true with our behavior.  If we are using the same tactics and techniques to accomplish outcomes in 2015 that we used in 2004, we are probably confused and miffed that it is not working.

Change.  Dammit, there is that word again.

A better word for change, might be up-leveling.  There are the basic talents and strengths we were born with.  Then we honed them into tools that shifted us from reactive to proactive.  We learned to plan, strategize and succeed with the vessel called us.  Our mind learned and accumulated knowledge at a rate of speed that was alarming and amazing. 

Then somewhere along the way we stopped (or resisted) changing and learning.  We stopped welcoming the new.  We became habitually stuck in our “ways”.  And then when we could not create success as easily as we did before, we blamed…us, them, everyone, government, bosses, our mothers, our partners, age, technology.

So who are you today and what is it that you need to really get back on the track to your unlimited success, health and wealth coupled with happiness and joy?

Everyone one of my clients (their teams also) take my SnapShot Assessment so they see their talents and strengths this day.
Your talents and strengths did not go anywhere.  You still have them.  The assessment shows you what they are and how you are using them now.  And once you know who you are today, you can leverage your talents and strengths in a way that creates a life you choose…a life that is most important to you.

snapshotassessmentThe coaching helps you sort out what is important. 

You deserve to be confidently effective, healthy, wealthy and stress free.  I would be delighted to help you sort out that which is not clear and help you design a remarkable plan and next step for your amazing life!

Learn more about the SnapShot Assessment here.

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