The project is done! 

Sliding back in my chair, I whoop out loud and toss my pen on the desk.  I feel good.  In fact, I feel great.  I finally completed that blasted project that has been haunting me for 3 weeks.

Every feeling I just had in the completion of the project is a chemical reaction within my own brain and body.  Our body loves completing things cause it feels oh so good.

  • Sales calls.
  • Projects.
  • Cleaning the garage.
  • Deleting 1,000 emails.  
  • Follow up on outstanding details.
  • Finishing the last of performance reviews for the team.


In the old days…I can remember going into the office on a Saturday morning and finishing up loose ends and completing reports and projects.  Just a couple of hours.  Some great coffee and I still had the balance of the weekend to enjoy.  I left the office feeling on top of the world.  My brain was clear and the work was done.

Don’t you just laugh when people tell you there are going to take some time and clean up their inbox and emails?  Really?  Is that possible?  My email continues as I am in the process of cleaning up and deleting.

The dictionary tells us that completion is fulfillment, a conclusion.  It also gives an example of completion like a pass in football.  Oh yea.  Now that is nice, especially if it is your team.

Running down the field full tilt looking backwards and catching the winning pass in the end zone.  Yes, that is completion.  And that is how it feels.

I did it and it is DONE!!

It really does not matter whether you complete small details or gigantic projects.  The brain does a chemical leap, chest bump and likes that feeling…which translates to your entire body.  You are suddenly less tired and irritable.  You just feel good.

With our technology set up the way it is in most of our lives, your smart phone is probably not more than a foot or two away from you.  Completion is difficult to create when the device invites more and more in every second.  More texts.  More information.  More contact.

May I suggest your use your technology to support the elation and emotion of completion.  Put 3-4 things a day that you can complete.

  • A friendly reminder to yourself that you are doing well.
  • Deleting 50 emails.
  • Rechecking of your calendar so the planning is clear and accurate.
  • Ten wall push-ups for some exercise.

Then acknowledge that you have completed.  That is probably the most important.  Our lives are so high speed, that when we actually do complete, we just move on to the next 27 things that need to be done.

Acknowledge the completion.

It is done and I did it!

Blessings and love and nice job!


P.S.  We just posted our new YouTube video of Perfect Abundance.  It is getting rave reviews!


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