2014 calendarOnly hours left until the ominous and magical New Year’s Eve where everything changes and you become everything that you never thought you  were:  thin, beautiful, rich,  gracious, loving, on time, strong, amazing, stunning and a super hero – in that instant! 

At the stroke of midnight all of your old habits dissolve and all the needs and wants that you have listed easily appear and 2015 is the rocking best year ever.  Then the next day you wake up a bit cranky and the “resolutions” can wait.

What were you thinking that it could be this easy to change the mucky things about you and your life?

Actually you can, but it is a bit different process.  Instead of looking at all the stuff you don’t have and did not do in 2014, what if you looked at what worked?

“Natalie, I did not do everything I said I would do so therefore the entire year is a failure.”

Yes, that is probably true.  To do lists do get longer as the year goes by.  But what if you listed all the things that you did get done and that worked for you in this past year?

Here are some of mine:

  • Weekly cleaned my main desk in the office and put the papers in the stack where they belonged (wow and did that feel good and boy am I now more easily able to find stuff)
  • Shut my computers off 3-5 times a week when I went to bed (allowed the poor thing to get some rest and realign folders after all the work I did and all the folders I opened where stuff was moved, copied, inserted, interneted etc – btw, the computers are now working like a well-tuned rockets)
  • Cooked meals on two different days a week, for the week, and ate what I cooked (actually lost a couple of pounds by not starving at the end of a busy day with no food to eat)
  • Changed my coaching methodology with clients after several weeks of advanced training (everyone is benefiting)
  • Shifted my entrepreneurial ways with my staff and gave them lead times that worked (big big learning for me – rocked some great business by using my staff to help me plan and execute in a more timely way – this has been a long term struggle for me)

Just so you know, I would not be able to detail this kind of information to you unless I had set aside a bit of time to ask myself, “what worked in 2014?”  Without the time to review, I would have known there were changes and sincerely excellent advances, but I would have just moved along and assumed, of course, I had some good successes.

My list above is not complete.  NMA Natalie Manor & Associates and MessyStress provided valued services and products in 2014.  I have so many other lovely items to add to the list and I will.  In fact, I am recopying the list from my notes and filling in a flip chart for my office wall.  A reminder of what worked.  It makes me feel proud of the good work that was accomplished.

In finding out what worked, it makes you feel good.  Yes, I know there are things that did not work, but we are not looking at that right now.

2015calendarWhat worked for you?  What would be on your list?  Write them out.  Feel good.  Congratulate yourself…and your family; staff; partner; kids; team; boss; organization.  Don’t keep it to yourself.

And if what worked made you feel good, then do more of it in 2015.  Feeling good and doing good attracts more of the same.  You can become a magnet for good stuff working for you just by listing and then acknowledging what worked!!

Take a break and start the list.  You will have so many more things on there than you can ever know until you start your list.  Put everything that worked, no matter how small, on your list and then celebrate how truly remarkable you are. 

Putting the list together of what worked will make you feel good.  And feeling good just feels good.

Most of us are working hard on what we are going to accomplish in 2015 – our goals.  Next steps.  Plans.  Time lines.

powMy request is that you stop that process for a bit until you take the time to see what worked for you in 2014.  Then when you put your goals for 2015 together, you will be very CLEAR what you want to accomplish.  Do more of what works. 

Happy New Year everyone.  And congratulations on all the great stuff you got to work for you in 2014.  Proud I am of you.

Blessings and love,


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