questionmarkHave you ever wondered how you really got to where you are?  Have you just sat down with yourself and asked “well, self, how in the heck did I really get here”?   And would there be any value in asking that question?

When we start to ask questions, we get answers.  When we are unclear, stressed, angry, judgmental, we rarely accomplish what it is that is most important to us.  But when we start asking questions like:

  • Is this the best place for me?
  • What would be the best path for me in this moment?
  • What else would be important for me to know, feel, be right now?
  • What else is possible?

Your entire body, mind-body-spirit – gets into the act because the question invites the solution.

Start where you are right now.

This time of year when the new year is just a couple of weeks away, we are bombarded with reminders that the new year is magical and filled with promise.  It certainly can be.

What about today?  What if you started right here and now and asked the questions that would help you take action and feel really good today?

You can easily ask your questions while drinking your morning coffee; starting the car; making lunches; brushing your teeth; riding the elevator; running for the subway.  You can ask you questions wherever you are, because where you are, is where you are.

Start there.

starsHere is what I learned to do that is powerful for me:   the moment I open my eyes I am grateful and say so.  Then I ask “what would be the best use of me and my talents today”?  Then I listen.  There is always an answer.  It could come in the form of a clue in my morning prayers; afternoon meeting; drive to work; preparing for the big proposal.  As I am aware that I asked the question then I am aware that I want the answers. 

Many of the answers that come to me are in the form of nature.  Birds, plants, pictures of a lovely setting.  Then I know that I am on the right track.  Your answers can come to you in many ways, you just need to watch for what they are.

Every coaching session I have with my amazing clients are filled with questions about what is most important to them; what is working; what needs to change; how would support make something more clear for you?  Questions create new spaces for answers that are filled with clarity and sometimes a bit of magic.

Like you, most people think they are a mess and do not know where they are right now in their lives.  I can assure you that you are  pretty terrific even when you feel lousy, lost and stressed to the max.  Questions will give you access to that person in you that needs to be beckoned back out to where you are right now.

Right now is the place to make your most powerful decisions and choices.  The prolific self-development writer of 35+ books, Wayne Dyer, says for us to take action, any action, to move us from stuck.  You do not have to climb a mountain or run the long race.  You can step forward toward what is important to you now.  One action.  One step.

Start where you are right now with questions that will help you take that next step.  Then take a deep breath, listen and be filled with gratitude that you can take those steps.

May you be filled with questions.  May you take that deep breath and start where you are…powerful and good things are on their way, right now!!

Holiday Magic to you and yours – every day is a new day. 

You are loved,


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