smartphonesLife happens and you keep forgetting to shift the habits that don’t serve you – the ones you really want to change – because you get busy.  It feels like being busy in every moment of the day.

You don’t have to be a senior citizen to walk into another room and forget what you were going to do or get.  All you  need is your smart phone, a text, a call, the new app to ding; a reminder for an appointment.  Our thoughts get interrupted and we forget or just shift into the new thought.  That is how our mind works, whatever gets our attention is how we operate.

At the end of the day you wonder:

  • Where did the time go?
  • Why don’t I get more done?
  • How in the world did I forget to do _____ for the 26th time?
  • Am I ever going to get organized?

smartphone circleLife is messy and our habit patterns keep us stuck in what we “always” do instead of what we would really like to do; think; be; know; try etc.

And I am here to help you get good results and create success and change easily.

What if you used your phone to set an alarm to go off 5-10 times a day to remind you of the change you want to make?  Pick a tone that is jarring and annoying.  Each time it goes off you will say “what the?” and then you will remember what it is for…that you wanted to be reminded and supported in the moment to remember to do or be what it is that you want to do or be.  You can also set if for once a week to remember that “thing” you are supposed to do, but NEVER remember.

I actually have my clients set alarms all the time to help them shift from not doing or being what is important to them…because life happens…to reminding themselves of the commitment and changes they want to make.



What is it that is most important to you right this moment in your life that you want to begin to shift?  (you are NOT allowed to choose 10+ things to work on…just one at a time).

  • Remembering to breathe when you are worried and fearful
  • Actually not using so much sugar in your coffee or tea
  • Making a lunch to bring with you and then eating it
  • Cleaning out the emails at the end of the day and creating folders so you can find things and that make sense
  • Taking time to be grateful for your health

abundance of phonesWhat do you want or need right now that would make life less stressful and less messy for you?

Stop beating yourself up because you forgot to do what it is that you think is so important.  Give yourself a break and some nifty support.

Natalie, does this really work?

Yes!! you are never very far from your phone and the alarms are not waiting for you to remember them.  Electronically they ring, whether you remember them or not.  And once you get over the irritation of the alarm, you can take a deep breath and thank yourself for the reminder.

The first time I had the inspiration to use the alarm reminders for me, it served me well.  And people who were with me would ask what the alarm was for and then would decide to use this reminder idea for themselves.

My first alarm reminder was to breathe.  I was under a great deal of invited stress with the growth of my company and the development of new products and services.  I knew how I reacted at times to these kinds of opportunities and I set the alarms.  It got to be a very comforting habit to be reminded that I could do what I was attempting; that my body needed to breathe and that my smart phone had some additional value to me when I needed it most.

alarmWhy don’t you set an alarm for you right now?  I know there are things you have been wanting and needing to do and have substituted verbal and mental abuse at yourself for not getting them done.

Try the alarm system.  Let me know how it works.

Blessings, love and success,


P.S.  Just in time for the holidays and the annual “stress” explosions in our lives.  And back by popular demand:  The Stress-less Holiday Tips eBook that removes the holiday stressors and creates the best holidays ever.  IT IS COMING TO YOU SOON. 


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