appleOn my desk is a new Samsung GS 5 ++  with everything a business consultant, global life coach, writer, keynote speaker, team trainer, business owner could want.  It is the bigger new one and I love the way it fits into my hand.

On Thursday September 25th my iTunes downloaded the latest Apple revision to my iPhone.  It took me 7 days, 4 physical visits to the Apple store and 22 hours of technical help to move me from a non-operating, call dropping, once replaced, upgraded iPhone to my new Samsung.

The story is so horrible and frustrating that my stomach is in knots just thinking about writing about the details.  Deep breath Natalie.  Maybe, several deep breaths. 

This past Monday night I was turned away from the door at the physical Apple, 3 fully hours before it closed, because there was no room in the store for one more dissatisfied, non-equipment working customer.  It was my third visit to the store in 4 days. 

On my second visit to the Apple store, the work that had been done on my phone, which did not work, I was told that the fix they did was not correct, that there was damage in my phone and it must be replaced.  I asked for a second opinion.  You would have thought I asked for someone to be hanged.  Apparently at the Genius table, they don’t get asked for a second opinion. 

I ended up with a new iPhone.  Full price. 

I came back to the Apple store a 4th time to return the new full price iPhone. 

Nothing worked.  All calls were dropped.  All calls that did not get dropped in the first 30 seconds were garbled and it was like speaking to someone going through a cell tower dead zone.

NOTHING WORKED.  Not the patch.  Not the replacement.  Nothing. 

Seven days later I have a phone that works, clients who forgave the amazing interruptions and felt sorry for me when a call we were trying to have dropped for the 5th time. 

My clients, prospects, audience members, colleagues, family and friends are the best people on the face of the earth. 

Thank you for putting up with this technology saga that should have and could have been fixed within 24 hours. 

My special thanks to the New York Times best seller author that stayed with me on two separate tries on two separate days, to do a telephone interview about their terrific new money and wealth book for the Messy Stress interview series.  (This interview is coming up and it will be something so worth waiting for, trust me).

As the creator of Messy Stress, the services, practices, products and coaching to help you remove the messy stressors of your life so you can be joyful, healthy and wealthy, I now have new material on staying sane and removing stress to share with you. 

The best result of this 7 days of total frustration and stress,  are actual tips, techniques and strategies that kept me in a place where I could:

  • Think
  • Sleep
  • Continue to do my work
  • Not give up
  • Do my daily devotionals and trust that all would work out

There are so many other details that I could tell you about, but they are angry details.  I don’t want to revisit them.  I am not sure there is a point to being angry.  Apple is in a world of hurt right now and they know it.  Each time I visited the Apple store in the last week, it was wall to wall people and chaotic.

If I were coaching the leaders of Apple right now, I would suggest that they discuss the issues with the public and their clients, apologize and let the “little” people like me, whose business relies on their smart devices, that everything is going to be ok.  Not once, in all the time I was trying to get my situation straightened out, did anyone ask me how I was and apologize.  It was crazy making.

My beloved tech company, NACC in Johnson City, TN headed up by Richie Torbett (a brilliant leader and dear friend) deserves the biggest thank you I can give.  I was able to text Richie and ask for immediate help telling him that I was at the Apple store again and close to tears.  He was always available.  I am only one client, but boy did I need help.

Maybe Apple needs to learn that we “little” clients are the ones who are paying their salaries and helping them grow.  And we need reassurance that the giant is going to get this and cares a great deal for us. 

My lessons:

  • Use my resources and friends
  • Use my stress tips cause they work
  • Use my intuition when it says “done with this stupidity”
  • Thank those who support me
  • Think about how technology runs my life – I am not done thinking about that one yet.

Thanks for listening.  Sweet ease to you and your technology!

Blessings and love,


P.S.  The free coaching sessions listed on my website come down this week.  Hurry up if you want to get a session in before they are gone!!!

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