clockThe Labor Day holiday is now over and we have turned our attention to the “fall”.  The new season.  A time for shedding and moving toward winter in our part of the world.

We are all so conscious of time or the idea of not enough time.  The concept of not enough time really does not make any sense because since we first became aware of change, we have connected it with time to do things.

  • Time for school
  • Time for work
  • Time to get the taxes done
  • Time to prepare for holidays
  • Time to make shifts in our thinking

My question to you is: “What time is it really?”

clocksWe are shocked by the lack of time and made crazy by how busy we are, 24/7.

What if you could have all the time you needed and wanted, when you needed it and wanted it?  Would that be helpful?  Would that reduce your stress to a level that was more inspiring than devastating?

When one of my mentors told me that I have the same amount of time as anyone else, it really annoyed me.  My world consisted of no time and less than no time.  I was harried, late, stressed, angry and not as effective as I wanted to be.  Everything I completed seemed to be in the final moments of when it was due or acceptable.

Everyone else was the problem, not me.  I did not take the time to breathe, think, stop or rest.  GET IT DONE…N O W

My first breakthrough actually took place when I finally was knocked over with a really bad cold and flu.  You know, the type where everything hurts and your brain is so foggy that even if you could think, it would be not constructive.

On my work table were 2 proposals to be completed, 6 coaching calls to be supported, a prep for a center stage 90 minute keynote for an audience of 5,000 and a new product in the final stages of being launched.  Busy.  Productive.  Stressed.  Exciting.  OVERWHELMED.

digital clockAnd I could not move I was so sick.

As the week of my illness passed by, and my energy began to return, I vowed never to get myself into this kind of “messy” stress ever again.  The guilt and the stress of “lying in bed and feeling like I was dying” connected to all that was possible to complete in my career, allowed me to see how I had created this overwhelming stress in my life.

Here is what I did:

  • I let my coaching clients know I was ill
  • My staff took over the rescheduling
  • The new product launch was delayed to a reasonable time frame
  • The keynote prepping was simplified
  • My proposals were completed with LESS verbiage and more value
  • I put a weekly afternoon of “rest” into my next 6 month’s schedule and began walking at lunch

How I developed a better schedule and “time” execution was the result of me asking myself the questions I use in my coaching practice:

  1. What is working?
  2. What is not working?
  3. What needs to change?
  4. What is next?
  5. And…what else is possible?

I had to get sick in order to listen to my mind, body and spirit.  I discovered I deserved better than that because I never want to be that ill ever again.

A very sweet thing happened during the my illness.  My clients and prospects were so understanding.  I received so many wishes for good health; cards; texts and advice on how to get well quickly.

What I discovered also was that I had something very valuable to offer and did not have to offer it all at once.

What is working in your life?  Do more of it.

manclocksWhat is not working?  Find out why it is not working and do less of it or eliminate it completely.

What needs to change?  Is it food, sleep, rest, ego?

What is next?  What will produce for you and those in your life the very best and least amount of stress…joy, delight, health, fun, rest?

Each day you can also ask, “based on what I am doing right this minute, what else is possible?”

Shifting and changing can be hard if you resist the obvious ways that will work especially if you don’t know what they are.  Now you have permission to do things differently, think more clearly and discover more quality time for you and what you want to complete.

Be well.  You owe that to your brilliant, terrific self.

My love to you,


P.S. We are launching a new product in a short time called “I just want to talk with someone”.  It is a way of getting expert and immediate coaching/advice in a short period of time.  Anyone who is coached with me before will receive big discounts to try out this new and in demand service.  Access to answers, faster than you ever thought possible and access directly to me to produce results that will startle and please you. 

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