stopstressOk, summer will be over soon and you have not gotten everything done you wanted to  =  Stress

The fall sales conference is coming up and you have a presentation that is not developing well  =  Stress

Buy a new car, don’t buy a new car.  Buy a used car, don’t buy a used car – the lease is almost up  =  Stress

Changing jobs is never easy, but should I do it?  Will I love it?  Am I qualified?  Am I a fake?  =  Stress

And dozens more scenarios about how we are in the midst of stress, creating stress and reacting to stress, each and every day. 

No more.

My gift to you.  20 terrific MessyStress tips, techniques and strategies all for  you and all for free.

Enjoy.  Don’t you deserve easy, immediate stress relieving tips right this second?  Share it with your friends, co-workers, HR, boss, family, church and/or community.

I want you to be stress free and rocking onto creating a healthy, wealthy, joyful life that you fully and truly deserve.

Download 20 MessyStress tips

Blessings and love,


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P.S.  Join our September 17th MessyStress telecall and get all of your stress questions answered.  Listen in to see what has worked and take away those tips and techniques for your life.   

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