anatomyFor the last couple of months I have been thinking, why do we really get sick from Stress?  I don’t know any of us that want to be ill, stressed, out of sorts and unwell.  Yet, we invite stress in daily, sometimes even hourly.

There is a whole science now around stress that keeps nudging us to take notice.  Stress is no longer that polite yet annoying habit we developed somewhere along our life.  Stress is now killing us more easily than ever in the history of mankind.  We are dying from stress induced habits.

The science and the research is clear that stress is affecting the entire globe in radical ways.  The latest stats from the well-respected Harris Poll organization has 83% of the American working population responding that they are MORE stressed than ever before.

This increased stress leads us to heart disease, chronic obesity, relationship loss, work challenges with technology and job loss.   Asthma rates are up 150% in children because of air quality and emotional issues.

There is something we are doing that is creating these issues and it is something we can begin to easily shift in this very moment.

How?  We can STOP interrupting the natural rhythmic operation of our bodies.  Here are some examples that can include:

  • Breathing deeply and easily instead of holding our breath while we are awake
  • Respecting our body clocks and relaxing and sleeping when the body needs both
  • Eating foods that aid the body in replicating the cells, blood, hair, skin, bones with nutrients that the body can easily absorb and digest into “good stuff”
  • Shifting our angry or opinionated mindsets to a more open welcoming and forgiving attitude
  • Reducing our fear in the moment we are fearful with breathing
  • Hydrating our bodies with good water so our circulatory system travels the 60,000 miles each day an easy flows reaching all the parts of our bodies that need the oxygen and water to operate at an optimum level
  • Remembering to be grateful for what we have, which is 1,000% more than the majority of the world
  • Forgiving the idiots whoever they are
  • Speaking evenly, slowly, to those who are not as fast or clever as us
  • Acknowledging those that need us by saying something, anything, that is kind and considerate

old-couple-beachYou will note on this list I just provided, that there is nothing that cannot be accomplished in this day.

Begin.  Your body is dying for you to start taking care.

Remember, how you do anything, is how you do everything.  Habitual easy caring steps build into gigantic good feeling/healthy habits.

Join me Wednesday June 18th on our telecall Messy Stress 12:00 noon EST – each month (the 3rd Wednesday of the month) I will provide you with tips, techniques and strategies you can begin NOW that will allow you to feel good in so many ways with:

  • Less stress
  • Work life balance
  • Increased confidence
  • Better health
  • Shifts in relationships and attitudes

My love to all of you,


P.S.  Join me!!  June 18th, let your stress begin to easily melt into good health, faster than you ever thought possible.  You will not want to miss the Q&A section of our telecall.  Find out how others, just like you are, are relieving their stressors and changing their habits, more easily and faster than you ever thought possible.

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