Remember when you were told about writing in caps and how “loud” it was in email?  Well, life has gotten like that for so many of us that I wanted to share with you some turn down the volume tips – some strategies for your stress less lives:

PrintBreathe. Deeply and right now.  Several deep breaths that wallexercisewill center you.  Do this several times a day and especially when things begin to build and create agitation.

PrintWall pushups are just the greatest for relieving tension. I have gotten so good at them.  My neck feels great; my shoulders are less tense and my muscles are stronger.  Find a wall and push.  Start with 5 pushups three times a day.

PrintWater, liquid, water, liquid, water, liquid.  Hydrate that suffering body of yours.  Keep water handy so you can take a quick sip or a deep cooling drink.  When I want a snack, I first reach for my water and take a nice deep soothing drink.  Your brain is 98% water – feed the brain.

PrintwallpushGive your eyes a break many many times a day.  Just look away from what you are doing and then come back and focus.  Eye strain is exactly that…straining to focus for long periods of time using your monitor or smart devices.  Just a quick break will do you a world of good.  It will also help with less redness in your eyes.

FREE telecall alert:

June 18th I will be holding a free MessyStress Q&A telecall at 12:00 noon EST.  Come join the others that want to begin to truly ELIMINATE stress from their lives…great folks just like you with terrific questions and even better SOLUTIONS.

Here is where you can sign-up.

eyesThese MessyStress Q&A telecalls will always be free and will always on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 12:00 noon EST.  Do sign up so I can send you the info for the call.

The famous Tony Robbins says that “life is messy”.  So if your life has gotten messy with stress or habits you would like to shift, join me on the telecall.  We are going to talk about all the issues that are stressing you out like:

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Technology
  • Family
  • Health
  • Habits
  • Your boss
  • Your career
  • And so much more that you want to talk about

June 18th at 12:00 noon.  Sign up for now for

Tips, techniques and strategies to a less stressful life!!


I send my love,


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