Aristotle 384-322 BC

Here is what caught my eye, mind and breath and I want to share with you:

Aristotle said:

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Aristotle lived from 384 to 322 BC (before Christ) and was a Greek philosopher and scientist of great renown – born in Stragirus in northern Greece “He believed all peoples’ concepts and all of their knowledge was ultimately based on perception”.

My point in bringing a philosopher and scientist into this blog from 2500 hundred years ago is to let you know that people act as humans and have the whole time we have been on earth.  We have struggled with being human, mindset, beliefs, actions etc.

As a coach and consultant for 28 years, I want to go hang out with this man.  Because if who we are is habit and what we know if perception, then asking for support and coaching is the only way we will shift our habits that are deeply rooted and based on perceptions that were not correct even in the first perceiving.

Let’s just make this simple.

What you do all day long and how you think it should be done is what is creating the stressors that are making you less then healthy and coloring your exhausted lives.

We do what we do because that is what we learned.  Einstein says that is insanity.  And we continue to do what we learned, even if it is not creating the great success we want because the Habitual Behavior has a lock on us… at some point in our lives we perceived what we are doing as correct; success building; healthy; performance enhancing; natural; necessary and effective.  However, here are some of what your results are.

  • Take a look at what you eat.
  • What you do with your money and how you handle your money
  • Your exercise routines.
  • The 60,000 thoughts you have during the day about you and others.
  • How many times you play with your smart phone and not because it is smart to do so.
  • Your sleep patterns.
  • Relationships with the people in your life?

What needs to shift and change for you now?


For heavens sake, do NOT try to change everything at the same time.  That creates disaster and makes you right about being a failure or not being able to get out of your own way.  This is not about creating guilt, but deciding what you want and how to get it more easily, faster than you ever thought possible.

Listen to your body and mind.  Breathe deeply and stop doing what you are doing right now and ask yourself “What one change or shift can I make right now that will begin to bring to me the life that I desire and deserve?”

My answer to that question when I asked  was Navel Oranges and Tuna.  (Only you Natalie)tuna fish

My weight has been stuck for some time now and I have felt blumpy.  You know, when stuff sticks out where stuff should not stick out.  I thought about the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers etc, but I did not want my life to become all about food.  I just wanted to make some simple changes for me and my body that I could do and would do.  Would do are really the operative words here.

waterSo I listened to my body.  I added two giant Navel Oranges a day to my eating and tuna in water drained and mixed with sweet relish and a bit of miracle whip.  And I added 4 additional glasses of water to my day.

I’ve released 5lbs in 6 days.  I have many more to go, but I am making progress and sooooooooo enjoying the oranges.  I cut them in half and slurp them out of the skin and then peel them and eat all that great fiber.  My puppy likes the pulp too.  We share.

The oranges taste like candy and fill me up.  Thank you for them being in season – sort of.  I bought a bag of 8 and love having them here.  You know what else, they are pretty to look at and nice to hold.

The tuna part surprised me because I have not eaten tuna of any kind in 8 years.  I am not opposed so much as I just stopped eating it.  It is yummy on my melba toast crackers and I can easily get to the fridge for the tuna mixture witheating orangeout a lot of food prep fuss.  I can take the mixture with me so I have food when I am out.  And the tuna is such good brain food.

I am providing all this detail to let you know that your body, 70 – 100 trillion cells of you – knows what it needs and it will let you know.

Shift, change, and new mindset/beliefs arrive when you ask and you are open.

Again, we are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

What do you want and need to shift and change right this minute to begin to develop a new habit that can be repeated and create excellence?

can of tunaIt could be tuna, water and oranges.  It could be that simple.

It could be that you just find a really soothing affirmation that lets you know that life is good and you are good and it is good and all of IT can be good if we allow it and support it.

BTW, not all things that I have tried have worked.  But I keep asking my mind, body and heart what they need and when I listen, breathe and listen, I can hear their brilliance speak to me.

My coaching clients often say to me, “how do you know that about me…you are  spot on and it is exactly what I need right now”.

And my reply is always, I am really listening to you and your habits and perceptions and actions are speaking loudly to me.

I would love to help you shift, change and create the life that is most important to you, faster than you ever thought possible.

My love love love,

SnapShot AssessmentP.S.  Lots of people have been taking the SnapShot Assessment and are delighted with their new information and guidance about their talents and strengths.  We have one for you!!!



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