pinkflowerYou know if I could get all of you in a room or at least a huddle, I would let you know that all of you have the ability to know what your next steps should be whether they are for:

  • Paying the bills
  • Hiring the right manager
  • Deciding on the best software for the team project
  • Whether to take that new job
  • Designing the best steps in your life and career

And the answers are immediate, easy and right in front of your nose.

Sounds insulting doesn’t it?  If you already knew how to do all of these things and have less messy stress in your life, don’t you think Natalie I would already be doing it????


Tony Robbins – a huge leader in the “positive life” industry, says that “life is Messy”.  So if he knows that and you know that, why do you continue to create the messes you get yourself in?  Many of you are dealing with:

  • Not sleeping much or at all
  • Lack of any kind of energy and barely making it through the day
  • Attitudes that would get you fired if you were already the boss or business owner – or at least put in a corner for a time out
  • Money confusion that has you with lots of fear about savings, dollars, poverty and resentment of those that have money figured out
  • Sexual and performance issues at your young ages
  • Hair falling out
  • Food cravings


It is enough to make you want to sit all of the next dances out…forever.

The solution is really quite obvious and simple.  Stop doing what you have been doing that you have always done thinking it is going to create different results.

When I start with a new client, I ask them to move a primary trash can in their home or office for one week just to test and see how habitual they are.  By the end of the week they really are annoyed at me.  In fact, I asked one team of 8 engineers to move one trash can in their office for a week and then we would get together for a team meeting after that week.

geishaMy goodness, I did not know that those guys could be so testy.

We are habitual, set in our ways, opinionated, controlling and just plain hard to change.

I know we say we want, need and sometimes like change, but that is all bunk.  It just is not true.

And it is especially not true in our negative energetic world.  So much is going on and has changed dramatically over the last 5 years that we RESIST change almost automatically.

What is someone who is as terrific as you to do?

First of all, you need to acknowledge that you are terrific.  I find that most of my new clients cannot take a compliment or acknowledge that they are talented and skilled.  And yet they are and you are…in so many diverse and powerful ways.


Here is what is keeping us so tied to not shifting and changing:

  • Technology
  • Politics
  • World news
  • Climate change
  • Failure of the churches throughout  the world
  • Decimation of the housing market
  • Tornadoes, climate issues, flooding, etc

When was the last time you spent any time with a news show or your favorite show and it was not besieged by negativity?  We are surrounded by it and many of us are saturated with the negativity.  It is hard to be shiny happy positive change makers when there are so many #@$%^&*()OP in the world.

Ok Natalie, I am listening.  What do you suggest?  What can I do?  What are my next steps?  HELP!!!

animalRemember it is simple.  And easy.  And practical.  And you can do it without any equipment or help.

Begin to breathe in a way that fills your lungs and recite positive and uplifting messages to yourself several times a day.

I have a spot that is all my own where I breathe and pray.  I also have a book that I’ve had with me for years (very worn and loved) that I read each day and underline and treasure.

I remind me of that which is possible and which the poets and the sages wrote millions of lines of hope; tender verse; forgiving odes; loving sonnets…and it has always worked to soothe our souls.

Come to you sometime during the day and acknowledge your “terrificness” and be tender, loving, willfully poised to breathe and stop for a moment to remind your SELF how grand this life can be.

The practice will grow from just moments spent with you, to minutes spent with you.  Then you will begin to feel differently about that stupidhead who always makes you nuts.  They will not matter so much.  You will allow and welcome a different outlook.

The process can be slow.  Or it can be accelerated by just doing it NOW!!

fencedpathMy life is different now that I love me.  And take time for me.  And allow that life can be all that I want.

My human me needs my loving help and reminding and so I provide it because I now know that my life is my gift.

If you need help with finding that terrific person that you are, let me know.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to support you, faster than you ever thought possible.

Breathe… It works.

My deep love and respect for you,


snapshot assessmentP.S.  There is a perfect way to see how and who you are being…SnapShot Assessment.   The information is more than interesting.  It is valuable for decision making and next steps in “how” you want your life to look and run.




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