arms wide openSo much is written about our mindset and beliefs running our lives that after a while maybe we just turn that message off…don’t.  It is true.

Flow is the place you want to be with your beliefs and mindset because when you are in the flow, good can find you; your ever critical bad self is not as loud and what you want can easily show up.

Efforting is not the best way to get what you need and want.  Letting go and letting “it” in is the best way.

To those of us that are conservative, non woo woo analytical thinkers this might sound a bit like bunk.  Well, it use to sound like bunk to me before I began my adult study of Metaphysics and key scientists and prophets of the world.  Even the beloved Bible gives us the heads up about asking, seeking and knocking so we can have what we want and need.

The only real obstacle to our receiving right this very minute, right now, this moment, is how we are thinking that it cannot be.

sunsetLike Henry Ford said:  If you think you cannot, you can’t.  If you think you can, you can.

Google the word mindset and beliefs.  Whoa Nellie.  And most of the information you will read has been written in the last 5 years.

Title:  What is possible when we change our thinking.  OR

The Secret.  The Law of Abundance.  Prosperity thinking.  Forgiveness.  Love.

It actually is all the same.  It is that you allow yourself to be in the mode of receiving that which you want.  It is a gentle and exciting way to be.

No cynicism.  No rejection of “that does not make sense”.  And maybe others can make that happen but not me.

Our Good as it is called, seeps into our mind, body and spirit when we are least resistant to the fact that it could not be true.  That place for me is my prayers and devotions.  The other times are when I am working in the garden digging, composting, plantings, gathering.  Just being out there and not fussing with what is working or what is not working in my life.  I am open and free and probably sweating.

morning canoeWayne Dyer really says it best of all.  He says:  “It is not that I will believe it when I see it.  You must believe it and then you will see it.  It is all about your energy and vibration”.

For those of us that need a different word than energy and vibration, it is all about attitude.  Pick a good positive place to be with a terrific attitude and the world starts throwing tons of marvelous stuff you way.  We all love people with great attitudes.  They get stuff done and a shiny cloud of wonderfulness seems to follow them wherever they go.

That’s flow.  That transcending your mindset and beliefs that stuff like that does not happen.  “Only hard word and nose to the grindstone produces good stuff.”  Nope.

So pick your word.  Mindset.  Belief.  Attitude.  Whatever works for you.  I don’t want to lose anyone in this because the wrong word was used.  No opinions here please about definitions.  They don’t matter.

Good attracts good.  Crappy attracts crappy.  Its physics ladies and gentlemen and who are you to argue with physics?  Not me, I don’t even know what a physics is.

Be in a good place and it will be shown to you in great abundance.  Pick anger and it will find you.

bright moonAct as if you are already there in the place that you long to be in.  Yup sometimes that is hard.  That my dear and beloved friends is a heavy duty so what.

Being totally self-critical has gotten you what?

So let me tell you about my today, I have a special day which allows for no changes because it is scheduled so closely to what is needed.


I was up at 3 am talking with God and asking for guidance on some very important aspects of my life.  I got my seeking, knocking, asking answer by having my totally scheduled day disrupted like a bomb went off…I dusted off my grumpy self and allowed that maybe this is something I could just observe.

Know what?  This day turned out to be so totally better than anything I could have planned.

Be careful what you ask for in your deep sense of faith and trust cause it could just show up in spades and then you will have the opportunity to just be deeply and lovingly grateful.

I just love this stuff.  Just have to remember to stay out of the way with my practiced mindset and let the good in, however it shows.

I love you all, you know.


yes its free

P.S.  Free coaching with me. 

First time ever going to have a contest to see who wants to win a 6 month fully FREE coaching engagement with me! There will be an application to see why you should be the one chosen.  Normally I choose at least one person per year to provide pro bono coaching for, and I make the selection.  Now you can pass this onto anyone you think would benefit from coaching with me.  Most of my clients are in a big transition trying to figure out what is next for them and are ready to commit some time and energy to getting there.  Watch for the application.  Let me know if you have anyone in mind.  I love giving back what has been so easily given to me by my remarkable coaches over the years!!

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