iphonesI’ve made some changes which have given me hope that I can hopefully make some more changes, I hope.

My daughter has loved the word Hope for years.  When she was in Iraq as a medical officer, she used the word hope as a mantra.  It is a fascinating word that can inspire or create hope in “oh no” situations.

If you have hope, you are in the vibration, the energy of
expectation and good stuff showing up.

taxesWhen you hear there is not hope, it crashes something sweet in us.  We retreat. We are sad.  We have to think about the loss of hope.  And we frankly don’t like it one bit.

So I am hoping that this news I share with you will create hope in bushels baskets full…so you can extract some hope anytime you need it.

  • Spring is coming – saw a bud on my thorn bush this morning – tiny, but there
  • Most stupid people will begin to avoid you when you feel hopeful – they don’t like the vibration of confidence and “knowing” it is all going to be fine
  • Your bills will be paid – all you have to do is want them paid and to stop fearing the envelopes they arrive in or the on line banking statements
  • Healthy is within your reach without starving or stopping all the wonderful yummy foods that taste so very good – less food, more exercise, compliment your body and thank it for working as well as it does
  • The wrinkles are a badge of honor…even the age spots on your hands – welcome them with tenderness of their hard won kicking and screaming battle to get you to where you are and most times with little thanks or confidence from you
  • Compassion and tenderness increase the hormone Oxytocin in our bodies and that is just a lovely thing we can do naturally just by being nice, right here, right now, no money, no fuss, just nice to yourself and others
  • Hiding from your talents and strengths is the old way – the new way is to contribute easily to others, the community and even to your dreaded family
  • Saving money a little bit at a time is really quite wonderful – slow, steady, and with pleasure
  • Putting your smartphone down does not bode the end of the world – it might be happy to be out of your sweaty hand and ear for a while – just sayin

snowstormPermission Slip.  Remember in school when you had to get a permission slip to wander the halls or go to the library.  Well I am giving you a permission slip to be enthusiastically hopeful.

Today, you are allowed to do, be or feel anything that gives you joy.  When you feel joy (here comes the purpleflowerserotonin and the oxytocin) you will be in the light and limelight of HOPE.

When your whole self can feel hope, you can pretty much withstand anything.  You can know that chaos will pass.  That the blizzard will eventually end.  And your fears and doubts can be lessened and eliminated.  Hope trumps so many doubts.  Hope is like a soft and secure warm blanket when we are cold to the bone.

smileteethOur stress reactions are less messy with hope.

It is my loving hope that you find your hope today.

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