chairThe snow and sleet and cold that has rocked us and seems to have bothered us more deeply than just “the weather”.  We are feeling vulnerable about unexpected weather patterns.

Global warming or financial crisis or housing market issues or the Catholic church with pedophiles, we are feeling vulnerable.  We have had 5+ years now of dynamic and destructive changes that don’t fit into our historical model of “this is how it is supposed to be”.

It is even more than unhealthy stressors we have allowed into our lives.  Too much food, too little sleep, crazy money issues and chemicals in our bodies.  It is enough to pull the covers over your head, turn off the alarm and stay in bed.

But what if this is the new normal?  You are not going to like what I say next.

This is the new normal.

dog on lap

The issue is not what is happening out there, but how are you dealing with the changes that are rampant, disturbing and downright mind blowing?

Who are you becoming?  Where is your center of balance?  How are you going to cope so you can choose a life that means something for you DESPITE the surrounding chaos?

May I suggest that you begin a daily practice of quiet so your “self” understands that you are going to make peace with chaos and choose your own path anyway.

just believe in dreamsMy most favorite place of quiet is an old chair that I love.  It is no  longer gorgeous – it is a bit worn and could use some updated fabric – but it is my safe haven for quiet.  I read in this chair.  I cry in this chair.  I hold my puppy and rub her velvety soft ears in this chair.  I created such magnificent dreams in this chair and have spent hours and hours in prayer and reflection in this chair.

One day I might even have a grandbaby to hold in this chair.

I want you to have a quiet place where you can access the brilliance of you.  The sweetness that is at your core and the elegant spirit that inhabits your “you”.  We all have access to this haven of utter delight and safety.  At our core is the core of the core.  Unchangeable, peaceful and SAFE.

I begin my chair time, my quiet time,  with a plop into the seat and a large deep breath.  I fit perfectly into my chair.  These days I have my cashmina blanket draped over my knees for extra comfort and warmth.

earthI become tall, beautiful, brilliant, eloquent, healthy and brave when I am in my chair.  The courage of the Gods and the tenderness of a prophet.  I am safe.

Anything I want and need comes to me when I breath into my essence and become quiet.

No phone or other technology devices tag along with me into my chair.  A puppy maybe.  A blankie certainly.  And lovely, tender, quiet where I can align with my most precious self and become grounded into what is possible.  There is always a tissue box at hand.

It took me years to honor this practice.
When I skip my quiet time, I am less resilient.

snowy pathSleep renews, restores and repairs our 70 Trillion cells in our bodies.  Sleep is the time that this body and mind maintenance and renewal takes place.  And our awake quiet time provocatively and smoothly repairs and assures our conscious self that “all is well”.

Start small with your quiet time, but start.  You don’t need a scared chair to be quiet.  You can open up to ease and clarity anywhere.  But do become quiet daily so your “self” can count on knowing that you know that you need this alignment and grounding to face the daily erratic pulse of your life.

Messy stress to quiet bliss – doesn’t that sound compelling and needed for you?

I know you deserve the practice of “quiet”.

Start now.  Start here.  Start.

I love you all so very much,


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