dealing with moving stressWhew!  If stress were gold, I would need a wheelbarrow to carry mine around.  The holidays are definitely here and I am choosing to move my business and personal self December 20th.

So how has 2013 been for you? 

My year was pretty awful and pretty wonderful at the same time.  Thus, the stress.

Where I am moving to has 7 horses, a fabulous creek, a place for my beloved puppy and a huge area for horsesgardening.  The horses will continually create compost and fertilizer for me.  If you know me at all, you know that I am in heaven just thinking about unlimited resources for growing my beloved seeds and plants.

At the same time, paperwork seems to be popping out of the files in my office and spreading itself around in piles.  So many opportunities and so many pieces of paper.  My devices help me, but the feel of the paper is just too much to give up.  I love to see what I am doing and love to have it at my fingertips.perfect garden soil

Are you like me and create your own stress with your habits that may or may not be serving you?

Surely I could get into the habit of scanning documents so there would be less paper?

Surely I could put all the pictures of my books and products into my phone so I could just check on them rather than needing the shelving to hold them all…so I can just easily see them.

Surely I could, but I won’t.

Some habits are just too pleasurable to stop.  And with that knowledge, I can face the stressors that really are not stress.  I’ve added additional elements to my day because it is what I want. 

Gads Natalie, are you saying that I can keep some of the habits I have and not feel like I should change them?


Don’t you understand that what other people do – that we compare ourselves to and say we should be more like them – is in fact creating lots of stress for you?

If you like it, continue doing it.  If it works for you, don’t stop.  The only caveat is being honest about “it” working for you.

Earlier in 2013 I made a commitment and established it as a goal in 2013 that I would scan all client notes that I took during coaching calls.  Halfway through the year I beat myself up for not accomplishing this goal.  Today I could care less about the goal.  I revisited the idea and found out I just did not want to do it.  I love the physical notes and love the physical client files.

I’ve kept my other 10 goals and am very proud of that as it has made all the difference for my business success in 2013.

Let me summarize.  If you like it and it works for you, don’t stop doing no matter what the “others” are doing.  Taking care of you is important.  Stress is beating yourself up for not being like the others and additional stress is not admitting that you do not want to be like the others.

2014:  reasonable goals, lovely realizations of what is important to you and taking time to enjoy you. 

Beloved and blessed holidays to you.  It’s only a few days until the end of the year.

Do not sweat the small stuff.  Enjoy the small stuff. 

BTW, I have two coaching slots open for January 2014.  The coaching slots won’t last for long.  I’d love to hear from you, contact me at

Off to pack a box. 

Much love,


Natalie Manor Signature





P.S.  Am going to be announcing a 4 week MessyStress teleconference program for January 2014.  What a way to start the year.  No mess, no stress.  Dates and times coming to you soon.

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