count the rug fibersWhat? 

“Natalie I do not have enough time in my day to do what I need to do now and you are suggesting that I count the fibers in the rug?  You apparently have truly run out of things to write about in your blog.”

Are  you like 100% of the prospects or people that I speak to in my audiences that say they “do not have enough time in their day“? 

Groan.  “We are going now talk about time management and planning.”

Not having enough time in your day to do what you need to get done comes from some very simple issues.  The  number one reason you do not have enough time in your day is because you are not planning what it is that is most important to get done and then delegating the rest to someone else that can do it better than you.

Yes I am including emails, texts, telephone calls, meetings, prospects, sales calls, personal interruptions and all the rest that in on your plate.

Because we are now all connected 24/7 by technology and complain that we still do not have enough time is bunk. 

Creating results in a consistent, frequent and focused way requires planning and KNOWING what is most important to be accomplished.  It has always been that way and will continue to be that way…no matter what you do for a business, service or profession. 

Creating Results the Easy Way AudioIf you are doing what is most important in creating the results that will produce the most profitable outcome, you have time.  It is when you do not take the time to inspect your rhythms and what you are actually doing with your time that TIME gets away from you and you are not productive.

Let me ask you.  How many times did you look at your mobile device today?  How many texts did you produce that actually dealt with producing a profitable and sustainable result?  Did you in fact do in some sort of order the most important items to be completed on this day?  Going further, do you actually know and have analyzed what would be the most important item to complete on this day?

Have I ruffled your feathers?  Good.

The last 5 years have changed us, how we do business and how we operate in our businesses and lives.  Financial changes.  Churches.  Families.  Jobs.  Careers.  College grads.  Housing.  Stress.  Chronic pains and ills.  Savings.  Investments.  Retirement.  I could go on. 

You know when you are not being effective.  You know when you are not completing what is important.  You know when the project is not working well.  You know when your communication is not clear and is creating confusion.  You know. 

However, what you may not know is that there is a very simple and proven way to stop being ineffective.

Plan.  Think.  Analyze.  Discuss.  Delegate.  These are the activities where you should be spending a good amount of your daily time so you know what it is that can be accomplished in the time allowed and what is most important in creating results. 

Problem is that 86% of the people I have polled about the amount of time they take in planning what is most important, do not have a consistent method in place that they respect and follow to deliberately create clear systems and processes that support the results.

So you might as well add counting rug fibers to your list because it is as important to your day as everything else without a good plan to plan. 

Here is a brilliant step you can take to begin the process of producing the results you want.  Schedule a 30 minute coaching session with me to determine where you are in your “results producing process”.  We can flush out what is working; what is not working; what needs to change and what is next in those 30 minutes.

With my 27 years of coaching success seeking people like you, I can help you design a terrific strategy that can help you be clear on your next PRODUCTIVE steps in creating the results you want.

You so deserve to move from counting rug fibers and your endless “to do” list into productive, planned results. 

To your success,


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