waterfallCome with me.  I’ve decided that I am running away today.  I am going to the creek in the woods and sit and sing and talk with God.  I am sure there will be forest fairies, lightening bugs and lovely birds to sing to me. I am 4 years old. The woods and the creek will be safe because I will wish it so. I will have strawberry jam sandwiches with the crusts cut off on thick slices of fresh Turkish bread.  My old fashioned thermos will have hot chocolate and then magically fill with the coldest lemonade you could possibly find. Running away can be serious business, but this is not serious.  In fact, I am not running away from anything, but running toward happy and free. Here I am barefoot with a Dixie cup in my hand so I can catch the craw daddies that scoot out from under the rocks when I move them.  The water will be ever so nice and cool on my feet.  I will go all the way up to my knees in the water and watch the little fish manage the current of the stream. I will have brought my favorite small blanket with me to rest on. Sometimes I take a corner of the blanket and rub my cheek.  It is so soft and smells so good.  I love my blanket because I can be warm under it or safe when I put it over my head to keep me hidden from the monsters. When night comes, I will lay on my back and count the stars.  I counted 1,473,953, 299 once before I fell asleep.  Or about that many.  It seemed like so many stars.   I wondered if there were any other little girls out there who were watching the stars, filled with delicious strawberry jam sandwiches, safely tucked on her favorite blanket and watched over by the forest community.

What are you running toward today?  I hope it is as wonderful as my creek.

Wait.  Would you like to come too?  

All my love,

Natalie Manor Sign

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