pick me pick meI totally love onions.  I can’t imagine cooking most foods without adding an onion.  Before I started growing onions in my raised beds, I would buy a bag of them at the store, put them in the fridge and take them out as I needed them.  So easy and so convenient is the onion.

Because they are so easy to grow, you can just wander into my raised bed garden and pretty much find a mature, crunchy and very fragrant onion growing alongside the edge of all the beds.  I have a dear client to thank for that technique. 

What I did not know about onions when I started growing them was that they put on a show with the most striking of flower.  See the one that I put in this blog.  Pretty huh?  That flower is growing 3 feet above the 2.5 inch onion nestled in the raised bed.  

The flower grows 2-3 feet straight up in the air from the onion.  It says “pick me, pick me” I am ready to take into the kitchen.  There is no doubt in your mind when that onion stalk is producing a flower and it is ready to do what onions do best…make food taste good.   It grows high enough that it gets in the way of anything you do in the raised bed, like weeding, until you acknowledge it or cut it take the onion in to use.

When I discovered the onion’s flower, I was so impressed with the performance of this very simple and easy to grow food.  It is an onion with some flare.  The stalk that holds the flower can be chopped and used in so many dishes or just sautéed in a pan and mixed with soups or eggs.  It is so yummy and good for you.

I bet you have flare too don’t you.  Just like the onion and it’s flower.  Share your flare.  Show someone your flare.  Update your resume with your flare.  Write a note to someone about your flare.  Flare is not bragging.  Flare is who you are.  Show people your flare. 

If you would like help with that, I would love to support you. 

My clients tell me that I am the best “transition” supporter in their world.  And what has not been in transition in our worlds for the last 5 years?  Life, money, health, family, economy, thinking, work, financial security, church, countries…and there is so much more. 

Let’s find your flare that just may have been overlooked during these years of transitions. 

Your garden minding and flare finding coach,

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P.S.  I have two openings in my one on one coaching practice.  Take advantage – they won’t be open for long.  CoachNatalie@NatalieManor.com  I would LOVE to coach with you. 

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